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  • Once dubbed the “British Bardot,” actress Susan Penhaligon is not amongst fans of Botox.

    60-year old Susan Penhaligon hadn’t really thought about Botox before, feeling as an actress that she needs must move her face. However, after hearing about it, she eventually succumbed to the drug, to reportedly disastrous results, as she tells the Daily Mail.

    “I was a complete wally to have it in the first place,” she admitted.

    “It very nearly had a disastrous effect on my career and on my confidence as a person.”

    “I will never go near it again. I’m simply going to let nature do what it will to me.”

    “For many years, I never considered that I needed anything like Botox. I thought it wasn’t necessary for me because I’m an actress and need all my expressions,” she said.

    “But it has become increasingly acceptable and as I noticed more and more people having it, I got interested in it and started thinking, “Shall I have it to help me get work, or shan’t I?”
    “When I woke up on my birthday this year, I thought, “How did I get to be 60?” Yet I actually looked pretty good for 60, and 60 is not what it was in my mother’s day.”

    After visiting a reputable Botox clinic, Susan awoke the following morning to the bad results, which were not improved by another stint with plastic surgery.

    “I looked in the mirror and saw to my horror that my eyebrows had dropped, pushing my eyelids down. I resembled Roddy McDowall’s character in Planet of the Apes.”
    “I was even heavier on the brow, not unlike Frankenstein’s monster,” she said.

    Apparently, Susan was the unfortunate victim of a Botox side effect, known as “droopy eye.”

    “It only affects about one per cent of people but I happen to be in that one per cent.’
    The actress told how women in her industry were under huge pressure to retain their youthful appearance, but in the long run, cosmetic fillers offer little benefit.”
    “If you’re a serious actress, you want to be playing good parts. You don’t want to be constantly battling against getting older because eventually, however much you Botox, the younger actress who hasn’t had Botox will overtake you in the race.”

    “Although I feel I let myself down by trying Botox, I’m glad I did it because it has made me realise I want my lines, my frown, my life in my face. I’m going to grow old gracefully, not chasing the youthful actress that I was.”

    Luckily for Susan, the effects of Botox are not permanent, unlike invasive plastic surgery.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Susan Penhaligon on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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