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  • The Real Housewives of Orange County are always trying new ways to stay young—even as they talk about each other’s efforts. Newlywed Tamra Barney Judge is no exception, as she has always admitted to trying everything to look her best. However, she may be a hypocrite as she come down on her son Ryan’s efforts to look his best as well.

    On an episode of the current season, Tamra Barney Judge brings her son Ryan in to meet her doctor and check the results of his health tests, after he admitted to taking human growth hormone without a doctor’s prescription or supervision. After expressing being concerned about the state of her son’s health after taking the drugs, Tamra then revealed her own regimen for youthfulness, including Botox injections and hormone treatments.

    She tells the camera, “Eddie really thinks that the Botox needs to go and the hormone treatment and all these things that make me look the way I do.”

    “He thinks they’re stupid: Well, I’ll show you stupid. I’ll stop doing them all and then you’ll see what you’re left with. It’s not pretty.”


    “Men get better with age; women at my age start going down, crash, burn,” Tamra explains to the cameras.


    But after the doctor reveals that Ryan’s human growth hormone treatments are putting him at risk for some serious health complications, she seems to change her story.


    “I just want to shake him and say, ‘What are you doing? Stop. You don’t need to inject your body with stuff to make yourself look better. Just be happy with who you are.’”


    While Tamra seems to be fearful for her son, she doesn’t seem to be applying the lessons to herself.


    In addition to the Botox injections she has been getting since she became a part of the show, Tamra has recently begun to use injectable fillers as well.


    During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, a viewer questioned why Tamra was looking a little different these days, with fuller cheeks and squintier eyes.


    At first Tamra, tried to deny doing anything to alter her appearance, responding with a straight faced, “Nothing. Zero.”


    The host continued to probe, saying, “I feel like I’m looking at some fillers.”


    “Feel. I haven’t!” Tamra protested as she leaned forward to let Andy touch her face, which he politely declined to do.


    Fellow guest Angela Kinsey chimed in: “Can you feel a filler? I don’t think you can.”


    “I mean, come on, I’m honest,” Tamra continued with a telling giggle, her eyes disappearing into the sockets in the process thanks to her newly accentuated cheekbones.


    “Oh my God! You have!” Andy exclaimed. “You’ve got fillers.”


    “I don’t lie!” she chirped in a high-pitched voice, her ear-to-ear grin absolutely giving the game away.


    “You have some stuff in your cheek, new stuff in your cheek. No?” Andy pushed as Tamra pawed at her face.


    “Maybe just a little bit,” she finally admitted with a smirk.