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  • The popular young adult novel The Hunger Games has been transformed into a motion picture, leaving Makemeheal.com wondering if any of the stars, including Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks, have had some plastic surgery transformations of their own.

    Many stars of the Hunger Games are likely too young for plastic surgery, including 13-year old Amandla Stenberg who owes her unique looks to her diverse heritage, not a skilled plastic surgeon. Below, Makemeheal.com takes a look at other stars that have may have gone under the knife and covered up any residual signs of plastic surgery recovery with Hollywood makeup and special effects magic.

    21-year old Jennifer Lawrence is the latest Hollywood starlet to become a household name in a big blockbuster. Jennifer likely hasn’t been under the knife for plastic surgery, but back when she nominated for an Academy Award for her outstanding work in Winter’s Bone, some thought she might have had a little Botox to get her red carpet ready (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jennifer Lawrence’s plastic surgery).

    At the time, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “Jennifer Lawrence is still very young, and does not appear to have had any work performed to her face. Jennifer would not benefit from having any surgical procedures performed at this time.”

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “ Jennifer is a beautiful 20 year old young actress. I personally do not see any signs of early plastic surgery. Her skin is young and radiant. I don’t know if Jennifer would consider plastic surgery, but as we know, plastic surgery is common in young Hollywood.”

    19-year old Josh Hutcherson has quite a resume for such a young guy. He looks different than he used to, but this is likely the resulting of growing up and slimming down, rather than plastic surgery. Josh seems to have lost his “baby fat,” resulting in strong jawlines.

    Dr. Salzhauer says, ” No signs of plastic surgery here, maybe some Botox in the near future will be necessary.”

    22-year old Liam Helmsworth is probably better known for dating Miley Cyrus, but his new role in The Hunger Games is sure to change that and make him known in his own right. As the younger brother of Thor star Chris Helmsworth, Liam’s good looks seem to run in the family, not the hands of a plastic surgeon.

    Dr. Salzhauer says, ” No noticeable plastic surgery but I would recommend a Rhinoplasty.”

    38-year old Elizabeth Banks has said that she is “not a fan of plastic surgery,” but some think that she may have had a slight nose job before finding fame (See Make Me Heal’s story on Elizabeth Bank’s plastic surgery).

    While it is unlikely that Elizabeth has had a rhinoplasty, as plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden told Make Me Heal in the past, “I do not believe she has had a rhinoplasty before. Looking at the different photos she has a similar width of the mid-vault, or middle part, of the nose and a slight deviation and under projection of the nasal tip. She is without a doubt a beautiful girl and these characteristics only add to her individuality, but aren’t typically consistent with someone who has undergone cosmetic nasal surgery.”

    Elizabeth wore very heavy makeup for her role in The Hunger Games, giving her a very smooth appearance that she may augment off screen with a touch of Botox in her forehead and between her brows.

    51- year old Stanley Tucci plays all kinds of characters in his numerous films and The Hunger Games is no exception. However, Stanley most likely relies on Hollywood’s best makeup wizards to alter his appearance from film to film and not plastic surgery. He may also use excellent skincare and possible chemical peels to rejuvenate his skin from the demands of his profession.

    The Hunger Games has proved to be worthy of all the hype, with or without plastic surgery.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of The Hunger Games Cast on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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