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  • Everything is bigger in Texas, from closets to plastic surgery. Theresa Roemer has recently made the news as her multi-storied closet was reportedly robbed of what she reported was hundreds of thousands in designer duds. However, according to the thief, everything was fake—including Theresa’s lips.

    Theresa Roemer made headlines when she showcased her 3-story closet. According to Theresa, the closet cost $500,000 to build and was filled with numerous designer goods including 60 Birkins and 75 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels. Theresa was robbed after stepping out to dinner with her husband and forgetting to set the alarm on the dream closet. After the incident, she reported that she had been deprived of $1 million in goods, including three Birkin bags worth $60,000 each.

    “All my Rolexs, my Cartiers, this was full of Chanel,” Roemer told a local news anchor as she walked through her closet. “Chanel watches, and Cartiers, and Guccis.”


    However, the thief has a different story. Earlier this month, the thief contacted The Houston Press and said that the items he had taken from Theresa’s closet were actually designer knock-offs. He said that he had tried to extort $500, 000 from the Roemers or that he would tell the press. Theresa contacted the police during the deal, which made it null and so the thief came forward with his story.


    The thief then sent the Houston Chronicle the jewelry he stole from Theresa’s closet and it was found to be largely costume.


    Theresa explained, “It’s like any person’s closet. You mix and match. In my closet, I have a Donna Karan dress next to one from the Gap. My stylist had some vintage jewelry there from back in the ’60s. Not everything is a million-dollar design.”


    However, what has been noted is Theresa’s appearance. Like her wardrobe, Theresa appears to be a mix and match of original and plastic parts.


    As a body builder and pageant competitor, Theresa looks to be no stranger to plastic surgery. Many fitness and beauty pageant contestants undergo breast augmentation to help make their bodies appear to be more feminine and curvy and Theresa looks to be no different. As she has competed over the age of 40, Theresa also looks to have gotten some facial procedures as well, including Botox injections to smooth her skin on her forehead and between her brows. As she has probably lost some of the fat that helps to soften the lines of her face, Theresa looks to use fillers in her cheeks, in the nasolabial folds that run between her nose and mouth and may also use some along her jaw line as well as she has a very steep and square jaw. In addition, she looks to have fillers or collagen placed in her lips as her lips are very full and somewhat unusually shaped so the fillers may not have been placed evenly or she had a reaction to the them. In addition, her small, narrow nose and prominent nostrils could be the result of an over zealous rhinoplasty from years back.