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  • According to the Daily Mail, Football star Wayne Rooney has a sweet new deal, earning nearly $500,000 a week and he may be spending some of that dough on Botox injections.

    The Daily Mail noticed that in a recent television appearance 28-year old Wayne Rooney appeared to have a much smoother skin situation than he did when making a similar appearance just months earlier. This could be an indication that with a bigger pocketbook comes a bigger interest in Botox injections.


    Indeed, when photos are compared, Wayne seems to have considerably fewer furrows in his brow, even when making a face. This smooth expression is commonly associated with Botox.


    Taimur Shoaib, of La Belle Forme clinic in Glasgow, told the Sunday People: “He’s got a nice youthful, smooth appearance.”


    “His forehead looks very good. The changes we see would be consistent with someone having Botox.”


    James McDiarmid, from the McDiarmid Hall Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Cheltenham, Glocuestershire, said, “In my opinion he has had Botox to his frontalis muscles.”


    “This works by reducing ­activity in these muscles and thus reduces evidence of horizontal forehead lines.”


    “It has worked very ­effectively for him and it has also altered his eyebrow shape slightly.”


    “I think this has been a very good aesthetic decision on his part. He looks much better having had this treatment.”


    However, the doctor noted that the Botox wasn’t likely used to help with scars that Wayne incurred as the result of an injury sustained back in August, as the Botox was done recently, too late to help with scarring.


    If Wayne has opted for Botox injections, he wouldn’t be the first British male to receive the treatment. New dad and reality competition judge Simon Cowell is a keen fan of the injectable, as is Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark.


    Despite his appearance, representatives for Wayne refuted the rumors, calling them “total rubbish” to the MailOnline.


    Still, given that Wayne has a history with plastic surgery, the rumors aren’t completely unfounded. In the past, the football star admitted to getting a hair transplant after experiencing thinning hair at the age of 25.


    Back in 2011, Wayne used social media to inform fans that the rumors of plastic surgery were true and he had indeed spent close to $50,000 on a hair transplant.


    ” Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25, why not? I’m delighted with the result.”


    Prior to the procedure, Wayne had discussed his battle with hair loss in his autobiography, saying, “Bloody hell, you’re going bald and you’re only a young lad.”


    The Daily Mail reports that Wayne had a follicular transfer, in which hair is taken from an area like the back of the head and then transplanted to areas where thinning has occurred.


    Wayne was happy with the results, as was his wife. However, Wayne’s wife Colleen made it known that it was the footballer’s decision to have the hair transplant, not hers.


    “His own decision not me ­asking him, like a lot are saying!! Pleased for him and it will look great x.”