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  • Will Smith was caught on camera cozying up to his Focus costar Margot Robbie. Still despite rumors of trouble in paradise and a possibly open relationship, Will insists that nothing untoward has taken place. However, the new focus on Margot has led to a lot of photos and some possible plastic surgery reveals.

    23-year old Australian actress Margot Robbie first caught the attention of American audiences on the short lived Pan Am television series about the lives of flight attendants back in the day. She was then briefly romantically linked to actor Leonardo DiCaprio after co-starring in the upcoming Oscar-buzzed about Wolf of Wall Street. Still, until photos of her and co-star and Will Smith in a compromising situation appeared, no one threw her name around much.

    Given that Margot has perfect skin, one could attribute it to the Botox and fillers that many actresses seem to rely on these days. However, given her relative youth, it seems more likely that Margot owes her flawless complexion to her age and good genes. Growing up in sunny Australian, Margot probably knows the value of good sunscreen protection to help prevent signs of aging. She probably also gets facials regularly or uses a professional exfoliation product like the ProSonic to get rid of the heavy makeup that can cause clogged pores and blemishes.

    Margot seems to have a perfectly straight, symmetrical nose with a round tip which could be the result of a slight rhinoplasty at a young age. Many aspiring actors undergo a nose job during high school so that their nose is perfectly camera ready by the time they find fame.

    While Margot’s look changes on a regular basis, she probably uses makeup techniques and tools that she picks up from the pros to transform her from girl next to glamorous goddess.

    Margot’s lips typically appear to be lush and shiny, but that is probably the use of lip glosses and plumpers rather than lip fillers.

    Despite looking perfect, some photos do reveal that Margot still experiences some residual acne from time to time. A device like the ProSonic paired with acne treatments could probably help to improve Margot’s skin.

    As for the rumors about her and Will, Margot says that there is nothing to them. She’s not guilty of home wrecking, just guilty of goofing off on set. The rumors began when a tabloid published photos of Will and Margot lifting their shirts and pressing together. Since then, it has been revealed that the pair was just getting silly in a photo booth on set—but they have yet to say why Will was also spotted carrying the blonde beauty back to his luxury trailer after the incident.

    Jada Pinkett hasn’t responed directly to the rumors but has said in the past that there’s not much that Will could do to cause a rupture in their marriage, short of hurting the kids some how. But she has posted some odd messages on her Twitter account as of late, leading some fans to wonder if there is trouble in paradise after all.