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  • Winona Ryder looks much the same as she always has, but apparently her beauty secrets don’t include plastic surgery. At least, if the actress is being truthful.

    41-year old Winona Ryder recently opened up to Interview magazine about her thoughts on aging and plastic surgery.

    “It’s funny, because I went straight from the Interview shoot to this premiere, and I still had on all the makeup, and my friend told me that some people were literally saying that I’d had work done – which, by the way, I’ve found is normal hygiene now on sets,” she says.

    “I’m not trying to knock it, but, you know, I have a little bit of traffic now on my forehead – which I’m like very proud of actually – and it’s interesting how people just instinctively are like, ‘Oh, maybe you should get something done for that.’ And it’s like, ‘Really?’”

    According to Winona, Hollywood has mixed viewpoints on whether or not people should show signs of age.

    “When you start out as a kid and then you have these great roles early on and even into your twenties, you’re doing movies like Reality Bites, people want you to stay the same, but then they kind of don’t. People don’t want you to get older, but then it’s like, ‘Why do you look so young?’”


    In the past, Winona has been assumed to have undergone plastic surgery, including nose surgery as a younger actress (See Make Me Heal’s story on Winona Ryder’s plastic surgery).

    Winona looks great and it’s nice to see her making a slow and steady comeback into acting.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Winona Ryder on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery.


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