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  • Make Me Heal’s Plastic Surgery Police has got a warrant out on Jack Nicholson, who is in desperate need of the knife. The 70-year old actor can be found sporting his five decades in the business like that of an outworn tattered, but somewhat hopeful pair of jeans. You know the pair- the ones you have visions of taking in, resizing, and hemming because you remember just how good they once were, and can’t help but want to show the world their beautiful potential.

    Jack Nicholson, Plastic Surgery, CosmeticFor Jack Nicholson, the closest encounter to any form of surgery he’s had would be the makeup and face retouches in Batman, 18 years ago — complete with two raised lines drawn above and along his mouth to resemble some obscene form of a smile — that for two straight hours refused to go away. A less scary version in mind would be some laser treatments, botox, peels, and perhaps eyelid surgery to erase a few of the years on Jack’s face and soften his look to something closer to his younger years of being a Hollywood heart-throb. Such procedures offer noticeable changes right away. Laser treatments are used to diminish wrinkles, by using small lasers that precisely remove tissue in the face without removing blood, to their desired depth and also tightens the collagen fibers revealing a smoother softer face. Botox or Juvederm injections would also be very beneficial in Jack’s case to tighten and reduce his frown lines and the creasing in between his eye and brow. The eye surgery better known as “blepharoplasty” is a procedure that uses small incisions to remove excess skin and fat on the top and bottom lids; this too would assist in recovering the younger, dreamier Jack Nicholson. Perhaps with this surgery underway Jack could attend public events and ceremonies without his coveted dark glasses and be more willing to show his new and improved, youthful eyes. All of these facial procedures will result in no change to Jack’s unique features, leaving him looking naturally refreshed while avoiding the overdone look of some other celebrities.

    Being that Jack has little jowling around his jaw and his neck seems to be in pretty good shape without excess skin hanging all over the place, there is no need for a facelift; or perhaps Jack has already visited a plastic surgery before and had a lower facelift to take care of these age-raising issues.

    Jack Nicholson, Man Boobs, BreastsAlong with the facial restorative treatments the benefits of liposuction, a tummy tuck, and gynecomastia would be profound. A few too many trips down the pleasure lane of sweets, beer, and in a recent photo-massive hoagies, has Jack’s mid-section resembling a massive lumpy bowl of stretched out goo. The combined effort of lipsuction and a tummy tuck would tighten his buried abdominal muscles, and smooth out the cottage cheese-like effect along his sides and under his “moobs” (man-boobs). A final mid section retouch would be to attack those “moobs” a condition known as gynecomastia. This procedure involves much of the same effort of the two mentioned above in that, incisions made would enable the doctor to remove the excess skin and fat, leaving a tighter more compact version of what could otherwise be exceedingly self-conscious man boobs. Finally, a last recommendation to complete this perfect transformation would be hair plugs, to again erase decades of aging and “top-off” his end result and to show everyone, just how good it CAN get.

    The good news is that the procedures can all be done at the same time as a plastic surgery combo. Moreover, the healing time in these procedures would be nothing longer than a few weeks and results would be seen immediately, given proper care and provided that the patient follows the doctor’s recommendations for healing. Up keep would be nothing more than eating a reasonable balanced diet and regular exercise.

    It has been a very successful half century for Jack Nicholson in showbiz, complete with countless classics that have reached the eyes of millions of adoring fans throughout the years. The cosmetic transformations that we suggest would be phenomenal to see and surely extend his incredible career for years on after and allow him to play a wider range of roles. We look forward to the possibility of seeing Jack sporting those great jeans again.

    Pic source: Daily Mail

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