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  • Actress Jane Fonda is no stranger to showing off her amazing body. Even at the age of 76, the woman is able to steal the spotlight from her younger colleagues. But in her new film, This is Where I Leave You, she shows off more skin than usual thanks to her “bionic breasts.” And although Jane is no stranger to plastic surgery, for this role she relied on Hollywood magic, not plastic surgery to add some cleavage.

    76-year old Jane Fonda has been dubbed a “Glamorous Grandma” thanks to her stunning figure and her constant maintenance that prevents her from looking anywhere near her chronological age.

    In her new film, Jane plays an outlandish version of herself as the mother of grown kids and a recent widow. In one scene, as Jane is tucking in one of her kids, her robe pops open to reveal what looks to be a plastic surgery breast augmentation—leading her grown son to dub them “bionic breasts.” Although they look fake enough to be real implants, they are actually a prosthetic that Jane wears for the film that were put on the actress each day of filming.


    Jane plays the mother of grown children Jason Bateman and Tina Fey, who have returned home for their father’s funeral.


    Jason asks, “What’s different about her?”


    To which Tina answers, “The boobs. She got a little touch up.”


    Although the touch up is only for the movie, in real life Jane has admitted to having a few plastic surgery tweaks here and there.


    Back in 2011, Jane admitted to undergoing blepharoplasty and necklift along with chin liposuction in order to look like a better version of herself.


    In an interview on TODAY, Jane discussed her decision to go under the knife with Matt Lauer.


    “I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s me,’” said Jane. “I feel so great and so rested and I look so different and I just decided — and I’m not proud of it — I decided I wanted to look more like how I feel.”


    “I just decided I wanted to buy myself some time and look more like how I feel,” said Jane.


    Jane definitely looks better and not at all overdone since getting an eyelift and tightening the area around her neck. While immediately after the procedures she wore turtlenecks and sunglasses to cover up, she has since been sporting plunging necklines on red carpets that show off her tightened jaw and beautiful décolletage.


    Although Jane struggled with her decision to get plastic surgery, her results were excellent. And while she may not have gone under the knife for her new film role, other actresses have found that playing women with breast augmentation has encouraged them to go under the knife in real life.


    Anna Farris decided to get breast implants after sporting push up bras to augment her cleavage in The House Bunny.


    Jane looks stunning and her breasts have become the topic of conversation for much of the film’s press tour.