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  • Actress Jane Seymour, known for her role in “Dancing With The Stars” and her prudish performances in the TV show “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” shocked audiences with a scene-stealing topless scene in the 2005 comedy “Wedding Crashers”. But seeing the 56-year-old actress flashing her breasts and getting fondled by Owen Wilson on screen was not the only shocker, as Make Me Heal’s team who watched the film had always maintained that her breasts appeared far too perky to be real. Truth be told, the former Bond Girl is finally admitting to having gotten breast implants after years of denying it, and more precisely, she got them right after landing the topless part in the film. Moreover, it appears she had a few other cosmetic surgery enhancements along the way as well.

    Jane Seymour, Breast Implants, Augmentation

    Seymour says that she never thought she would succumb to plastic surgery, but after getting the part of a middle-aged society lady with an insatiable sexual appetite, she could not pass up the opportunity to have this funny role.

    “When I first read it I thought ‘gosh, there’s no way I can do this. But then I thought, reading it again, this is just too good and there has to be a way of doing this (…) so I found a way of doing it that I feel really comfortable with,” said Seymour a few years ago when interviewed about getting the part of the seductress in the blockbuster comedy.

    Seymour definitely found a way to not only nail the part but also to look the part with a small breast augmentation. The pressure of having a nude scene with an actor who is nearly 20 years her junior led her to have a small breast augmentation. Seymour elected to have small breast implants so that the plastic surgery would not make her boobs look screamingly fake. Seymour says that her breast implants were so small, that she had to have them custom-made.

    “My plastic surgeon had to special order them,” says Seymour.

    Seymour has had mixed feelings about her decision to undergo breast augmentation just for a movie role. Speaking about her decision, Seymour says “It was very sad”, but she felt the need to do it in order to look the part in the movie.

    Seymour’s breast augmentation would normally not have made a bleep on the plastic surgery radar had her breasts not been so upright and perky in Wedding Crashers. Being that the breast size enhancement was so subtle in Seymour’s case, one could easily have overlooked the boob job. But in light of Seymour’s age, gravity would have normally caused her breasts to descend downward and sag. The absence of sagging in her breasts immediately rang the alarm for Make Me Heal on her boob job.

    Seymour also admitted to getting a blepharoplasty (eye lift) over a decade ago to get rid of her eye bags and Botox injections a few years ago. “Genetically I had baggy eyes, and photographers said they didn’t want to spend money endlessly having to eradicate the bags,” says Seymour in a just released interview with People Magazine.


    Seymour has no plans to go under the knife in the near future and has dismissed plastic surgery for now, or until she sees results that appear more natural. So while she does not rule out the possibility of more plastic surgery, Seymour says she is turned off by the “artificial” look of the results and would not consider surgery seriously until she feels aesthetic medicine comes of age and look more natural.

    “I’ve never said I won’t,” the Daily Mail recently quoted her as saying. “But until I see a full facelift that doesn’t look like one, or Botox or cheekbone implants that look natural, I doubt I’ll be interested.”

    Seymour also says she’s had no work on her face, including no facelift. “I haven’t had a facelift. This is what a 56 year old woman looks like – with wrinkles,” she says.


    While it is true that it is easy to tell some celebrities who had work done because of the exaggerated amount of work they had done, there are many normal people who get plastic surgery in moderation and whose results are extremely natural and one would not know they had gone under the knife. A quick look at the many plastic surgery pictures submitted by people who frequent Make Me Heal shows that plastic surgery can definitively look very natural without the beholder ever knowing that the person had surgery. 

    Whatever Jane Seymour is doing to look so great, she should keep on doing as she looks over a decade younger than her true age.  One young staffer at Make Me Heal who watches Dancing With The Stars religiously expressed shock at reading that Seymour was 56, as the staffer thought she was in her late 30′s.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Jane Seymour on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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