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  • The self proclaimed first supermodel of the world Janice Dickinson has spent a lot of time under the knife since she left the cover of magazines around the world. On the new television show Botched, Real Housewife husbands and plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif help patients who have been under the knife for plastic surgery with less than pleasing results, including Janice Dickinson.

    59-year old Janice Dickinson sought help from the doctors after receiving comments about the rippling on her breast implants. While many thought that the rippling was caused by Janice having over the muscle implants and not enough tissue to cover it, it turns out that much of the problem was caused by the age of the implants. Although it is recommended that breast implants are replaced every 10-15 years, Janice’s implants were around 30 years old and should have been replaced at least twice over the years.

    “Implants have a certain shelf life, a timeline and I ignored it,” Janice explained. “But thanks to Dr. Dubrow, he said that they had to come out immediately—not just for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons.”


    During the course of her consultation, Janice drops the bombshell on the doctors that not only does she still have her original implants, she is also a former addict and does not take painkillers. However, given her strange behavior on the show, Dr. Dubrow said that Janice’s actions were “classic drug-seeking behavior.”


    Janice denies his allegations, but says she is not offended by them in the least.


    “It’s a concerned response from a very experienced doctor who is a perfectionist, and I take that into account,” Janice says.


    She adds, “I understand that I can’t change the world with my past behavior, I can only show the world with my present behavior.”


    “Concerns of addiction are always ever-present,” Dickinson said. “That’s why I have a good support system and a great sponsor that I check in with and I have my family and friends who take very good care of me.”


    “I’m very protected and loved,” she said.


    Although one might assume that the initial pain of Janice’s breast augmentation had put her off plastic surgery for good, which is why she delayed having a reconstruction for so long, nothing could be further from the truth.


    In the years since her breast augmentation, Janice has become more famous for her numerous cosmetic surgery procedures than for being on the covers of numerous Vogue magazines, leading many to label her a plastic surgery addict.


    Over the years, Janice has undergone tummy tuck, breast augmentation and extensive Botox treatments as well as other cutting edge anti aging procedures including fillers and something involving Chinese human placenta.


    Janice’s love of plastic surgery has added up over the years and the supermodel was forced to declare bankruptcy. Fortunately she was recently able to pay off much of what she owed with the help of her very generous fiancé.