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  • Apparently there is more than one negative effect of too much plastic surgery. If you can’t afford the procedures, you can go bankrupt. Apparently Janice Dickinson found this out the hard way, to the tune of nearly $1 million. Luckily, Janice has found a solution to the financial problems that going under the knife on a regular basis has incurred.

    59-year old Janice Dickinson has been getting plastic surgery for years, including procedures such as breast implants cheap Baclofen 10 mg , tummy tuck, and extensive Valtrex no prescription cheap Cialis Soft Xenical 120 mg Botox Accutane price treatments. Last year, all her plastic surgery began to add up and Janice declared bankruptcy.

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    The New York Post via The Daily Mail reported at the time that Janice owes over $16,000 to Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein and the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center.


    Now it seems that Janice has found a solution to her problems, according to TMZ. TMZ has reportedly obtained documents that say the total amount Janice owes would be hard to reclaim, ”due to debtor’s age, lack of assets and lack of income” so she can pay off $10,000 and the remainder over a three-year payment plan.

    According to the documents, former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge’s fiance, psychologist Dr. Robert Gerner can also help Janice pay off her debts.

    Janice also owes back taxes from the past decade, totaling over half a million dollars to California, New York and the Internal Revenue Service.

    Despite her financial woes, Janice doesn’t appear to have slowed down on the cosmetic surgery procedures. Since her bankruptcy declaration was first revealed, Janice hasn’t eased up on having her nips and tucks.

    Janice told Star magazine that her latest beauty trick uses Chinese human placenta.

    The supermodel travels to China for the controversial treatment that takes stem cells from human placentas and injects them into the skin. She tells Star magazine, “If anybody is going to have a state-of-the-art, revolutionary skin-care miracle, it’s going to be me, with my hand out, first in line. My skin ahs gone from gray to rosy pink, and I feel great!”

    The procedure is super new and probably won’t be approved in the United States anytime soon. Because it is so new, any long-term effects or side effects are still unknown. At any rate, it’s unlikely that the procedure will catch on as each treatment is $10,000! Then there is also all the expense of travel to figure in.


    Despite all the time and money, Janice remains enthusiastic about the procedure, saying she hopped on a plane soon after learning about Blue Horizon International, the company that performs the procedure. She flew for 24 hours to China with her fiancé and went straight from the airport to the hospital to be prepped for the treatment.


    Starpulse reports that Janice has noted improvements in the skin all over her body: “My skin is just amazing. My face and legs and my hands and my feet and my vagina and my butt. Everything got so smooth. My life has improved tremendously!”

    Life must be even better for Janice now that the burden of bankruptcy seems to have been resolved.



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