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  • Jennifer Aniston is no fan of Botox. But it seems that she may have a soft spot for plastic surgery after, despite her reputation for being a natural beauty and aging as naturally as possible. An older report from Ok! magazine says that while Jen may not find Botox to be a wonder treatment, she does like Radiesse, a filler fix for wrinkles.

    In an interview with People magazine, Jennifer was asked whether she would prefer Botox or wrinkles, to which she responded, “Wrinkles.” Her response was taken to be a dig at the newly engaged Courteney Cox, Jen’s former Friends costar and real life bestie. While Jen reportedly stays hydrated with water and moisturizer, Courteney is beginning to resemble a plastic doll due to her Botox overuse.

    Still, water and skincare products probably aren’t the only things that Jen does to stay young. Although she probably hasn’t done anything surgical, such as a facelift or eyelift, she has said that after trying Botox she didn’t like the results, as they were too harsh.

    “I didn’t like the hard aftereffects,” Jen admitted after trying the treatment once.

    “Aging naturally is beautiful,” says Jen.

    Still, while Jen may not like the effects of Botox it seems that it hasn’t stopped her from trying other dermal injectables, such as Radiesse.

    A source close to Jen tells OK!, “She’s had Radiesse.”

    Apparently Jen uses Radiesse in select areas where her lines are the most prominent, in order to have the most natural possible results, include the lines around her mouth.

    “She has it done long the marionette lines [the vertical lines that extend from the bottom of the nose to the chin],” says the source. “It is also injected ever so slightly into her lips to give fullness – but not a fake bee-stung look. It is done strategically to look natural and subtle and lasts up to eight months or so.”

    Given that Jennifer has a reputation for aging naturally and using natural products, Radiesse likely appeals to the actress because in addition to filling in the areas where natural collagen has slagged off due to age, Radiesse actually promotes the production of natural collagen, reportedly as much as 20%, even after just one use.

    In addition to Radiesse, Jen probably is being fairly truthful about the rest of her skincare regimen. She is said to drink as many as 12 glasses of water a day and given that she is frequently photographed with a water bottle in hand, it seems likely.

    And in her role as a spokesperson for Aveeno products, Jen told E! News, “I always like to read labels so I know what’s going into our food and what’s going into our bodies. I thought it was really fun to see what’s going into our skin.”


    She also emphasizes exercise as an important part of feeling good, in addition to looking great.


    “It’s not about bikini season,” she told People magazine about her fitness routine. “It’s about being healthy. Of course we want to have toned skin and legs and muscles and all that, but it’s really just about feeling great.”