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  • Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s breasts are an enigma worth exploring, as some rumors have been swirling that the actress may have gotten plastic surgery to increase her bust.

    Jennifer Hudson, Breast Implants, AugmentationWhile in 2004, Jennifer’s breasts did not seem to fill her tops, since late 2006 and onwards Jennifer’s breasts seem to overflow out of her dresses. One possible explanation for this may be a breast augmentation.

    Sources which speculate that Jennifer Hudson got breast implants have shown photos of the singer/actress with her breasts protruding out of her dress and having an unnatural roundness. If one takes a close look at the Hudson pictures, one sees that while in the past her breasts seem to fit perfectly into her dress, now they seem unnaturally rounder than usual and seem to have trouble staying inside her dress. And while now they balance out the rest of her full-figured body, they sometimes do look unreal, very much like implants. Breast implants can be oval shaped with a smooth surface, round shaped with a smooth or textured breast, anatomically shaped, or an expandable breast implant. Depending on the placement of the implant above or below the muscle, there may even be more different variations of the look that the breast implant achieves. From photos of Hudson, if she did indeed get breast implants it looks like by the shape of her breasts, that she got the round shaped smooth breast implants. In tight dresses, the implants fit snugly and seem symmetrically round in shape, possibly the exact same size. In loose dresses, they fit less snugly and hang down to the signs. Very big breast implants tend to sag and if she increased the size of hers, that’s what they are doing, though doing it in an elegant manner, if that’s possible.

    On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson’s breasts could very well be natural, after all, she is a curvy, voluptuous woman who always had large breasts since her days on American Idol. Additionally, it appears that Jennifer may have gained some weight in the last few years which could potentially have gone right to her breasts and can explain the increasing boob size since a few years ago. Furthermore, in some recent photos Jennifer’s breasts sag considerably, and they do not project out and do not have the roundness that breast implants typically have. Also, it can very well be that she is using something else, like a push-up bra, to perk up her breasts. The push-up bra may be the reason why sometimes Jennifer’s breasts have an unnaturally round appearance.

    It seems unreasonable that Jennifer Hudson would want to get implants to upgrade her already large bust, as that would only cause her breasts to sag more and make her look bigger overall. If anything, some insiders have suggested that the breast sagging that is evident in Jennifer Hudson in some pictures makes her a candidate for a breast lift combined with a breast reduction.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn expressed doubt about Jennifer Hudson having breast implants and told Make Me Heal, “They look pretty natural. Jennifer’s breasts are definitely big, but they fit her body since she is a full-figured girl.”