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  • Jennifer Lawrence has become a household name thanks to her major role in the hit film Hunger Games earlier this year. But with big roles come big makeup and it’s important for young stars to take good care of their skin, to prevent acne and even early signs of aging. Using a Prosonic device is an excellent way to start a good skincare regimen and maintain it for life.

    21-year old Jennifer Lawrence is seemingly flawless and seems to only get better with every public appearance. But on the brink of 22, Jennifer may want to upgrade her skincare routine from the soap and water used by many young adults.

    The ProSonic Face & Body Professional Cleansing/Exfoliation Anti Aging Brush Set is the same type of device used by professional estheticians. It’s also the only such device available over the Internet to the public. The cleansing system offers four different speeds for face and body, and for exfoliation/microdermabrasion. 

    The ProSonic is a much more effective way to clean than traditional methods and reaches deep into the skin to clear blackheads, remove makeup and other impurities to reveal, clear healthy skin.

    In addition to being a cleaning machine, the ProSonic is waterproof and can be used in the shower, tub or sink without fear, giving a professional facial experience in the privacy of home.

    It is gentle enough to be used twice a day to reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores and oily skin and dry patches.

    Buy ProSonic now.

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