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  • Jennifer Lopez is one of those multi-hyphenate entertainers that changes her look as often as she changes her designer outfit. This year alone, she is getting set to release a new single followed by a new album and a lead role on a television show. So what won’t the Fly Girl be doing? Plastic surgery, including efforts to enhance her famous rear end.

    Over the years, JLO has been at the heart of numerous rumors of plastic surgery, including a possible nose job, lip reduction and breast augmentation and Botox, chemical peels and injectable fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. And of course, there’s her famous butt, which some think that Jennifer may have enhanced with some sort of plastic surgery, such as a Brazilian butt lift.

    According to a radio interview Jennifer gave recently, the dancer does anything she can to maintain her famous body—“anything it takes”—except for plastic surgery.


    “I’m terrified of anything like that,” says the star.


    Instead of plastic surgery, JLO says that constant maintenance is key, “’little by little – as opposed to letting it get away and pulling it back with a knife.”


    “I think you can do it with eating healthy things and working out,” she explains.


    Despite her devotion to looking good and eating well, JLO admits that even as an international superstar she has “fat days.”


    “For sure, I have those days,” she says, but she tries to combat them with a  positive attitude, “when you have those days, you dress for those days.”


    Jennifer recently revealed to Cosmopolitan for Latinas that since early in her career she has been told to make changes to her body, including her manager. She says that growing up in the Bronx, her curvy body type was nothing out of the ordinary, but once she started on television, people would tell her that she had to change.

    Luckily, Jennifer had a positive body image thanks to growing up in a strong, supportive family and she was able to stand up to criticism.

    While Jennifer is pretty firm on her no plastic surgery stance and has said as much in various interviews throughout the years, some people think that she may use some procedures that are non-invasive enough that she doesn’t count them as plastic surgery. Chemical peels and laser treatments that have minimal downtime and remove fine lines and wrinkles to refresh and enhance the skin may be some of Jennifer’s secrets to staying young.

    The dancer/singer/actress probably also has a very good skincare regimen using skincare products that help treat and prevent signs of aging and undo damage caused by makeup. Jennifer is likely adamant about sunscreen use, even on cloudy days and even uses quality makeup that does minimal damage to her pores.


    Up next for Jennifer is a new show set to air on NBC, Shades of Blue, in which Jennifer will play a dirty cop, as well as executive producing the series.