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  • Jennifer Love Hewitt, Breast Implants
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    Something is increasing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breast size. Though Jennifer has not officially admitted to plastic surgery, it seems that she might have breast implants. She has some explaining to do on her expanding cleavage. According to some sources, her huge boobs may be attributed to her weight gain. Sometimes when a woman gains weight, her boobs increase in size as well. A close up of her body in that area certainly reveals a full and copious C-cup chest. But the rest of her body is not really fat. This explanation doesn’t add up.

    Dr. John Di Saia wrote in his blog about Jennifer, saying “Women can gain some breast volume with weight gain, so this could be just that. Then again a small pair of implants can give the same appearance.”

    From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Oscar dress to a recent bra commercial, there is evidence of breast augmentation everywhere in the public eye. Yet, she denies ever getting breast implants done. Well, she can’t hide her implants anymore but she does admit to making a hobby of checking out sites about her breasts: “I’m fascinated with the Jennifer Love Hewitt breast sites.” Apparently she goes on these breast sites just to see what to wear. In addition, her breasts have attracted some interesting men: “I attract interesting people… I went out with a guy who yelled at me for the entire time I was eating, ‘Why are you eating your steak like that? Why do you want ketchup? What is that?”

    While most celebrities would have a problem with people so focused on a certain body part of theirs, Jennifer is amused by the attention her breasts have gotten: “It makes me laugh – there’s a hundred other body parts that I feel completely insecure about and would rather no one ever talked about. So if they focus on breasts, it’s fine with me! My breasts have a career of their own.” In fact, they just might have a career of their own. She is currently considering posing in Playboy, nude.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt still claims she is all natural, but lying is not her strong suit. Unfortunately having large breasts can cause health problems such as shoulder pains, heat rashes in humid weather, and hormonal problems. If she got breast implants, which seems very likely, she would know there are many different kinds she could have gotten. The two main ones are saline or silicone implants. Saline can easily dissolve when ruptured, but it leaves ripples through the skin. There are also some side effects. These could include obstructed mammography, breast feeding issues, infection, and implant leakage.

    Well, Jennifer, looks like there’s no hiding it anymore, though you don’t seem to mind. Whatever floats your boat, or implants, because we still think you’re just as hot as before!

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