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  • She may not have the typical beauty regimen that you expect of a supermodel, but Jerry Hall says that despite her bad habits, she still looks good at her old age. One thing she counts as doing right? Avoiding Botox.


    58-year old Jerry Hall does everything beauty experts tell you not to do: drinking, smoking and sun tanning. Still, according to the ex-wife of Rolling Stone singer Mick Jagger, she looks “pretty good.”

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    “I am 58. That is pretty old, for God’s sake. I look pretty good for my age, and I am enjoying that.


    “But I smoke, I drink, I like wine, I love sun tanning, I drink coffee. I am doing all sorts of things I shouldn’t do,” Jerry told Good Housekeeping magazine’s UK version.


    In a twist of irony noted by The Telegraph, the interview was actually done as a cancer awareness campaign for Cancer Research UK. All three activities are known to be carcinogens that may increase the risk of cancer.


    Jerry is working as the face of the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, which encourages shoppers to donate their unwanted clothing.


    According to Jerry, her looks are well preserved and the result of nature rather than science, as she tells the magazine, “I am very against it. I think it looks silly – people with mean-looking eyebrows.”


    Despite her natural loving ways, Jerry still has some sort of beauty regimen that helps to counteract the affects of drinking, smoking and sunning on her appearance.


    The former supermodel reveals that she slathers her body with olive oil and otherwise uses some of the most expensive skincare products available, including La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe, which goes for almost $500 for 50ml.


    Still fit, Jerry eschews working out and exercise for other physical activities such as sex, gardening and housework. “You can burn a lot of calories mopping the house,” she said last year. It may be true for Jerry, as her home has 26 rooms.


    The native Texan doesn’t look to share the common theory that “everything is bigger in Texas” as she hasn’t augmented her breasts throughout her acting or modeling years. And although she has lived in England for much of her adult life, Jerry still remains true to her Texas roots.


    Jerry purchased a home in Austin last year and regularly speaks with her twin sister via telephone and plans to move back Stateside once all of her children have reached adulthood.


    Until then, Jerry has no plans to retire and also shared her anti-plastic surgery stance in an interview with culturemap Houston from last year, saying, “I don’t. I think you shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery just because you’re getting old. (People who do) look scary. They scare small children and they think they look really good. And I’m sure it’s not good for your health, to have that surgery unless you really, really need it. There’s lots of men who don’t mind the mature woman, the odd wrinkle. At least you look like a normal person.”