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  • It seems that actress Frances McDormand isn’t the only famous type that gets angry about plastic surgery. Supermodel and ex-wife of rock star Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall also isn’t a fan of people that opt go to under the knife. While Frances eschews traditional standards of beauty and even hair dye, Jerry definitely has a background in beauty. Still, she thinks that plastic surgery is going too far.

    Jerry Hall is 58 and you’d never know it to look at her. Clearly Jerry works hard to maintain herself, from her body to her bold red lipstick. Still, in an interview with Hello Magazine, Jerry referred to people who opt for plastic surgery rather than cosmetics, as “pathetic.”

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    “My face and body have been a tool for my career and I’m very conscious of that aspect, and try and keep it the best I can,” Jerry told HELLO! Magazine. To maintain her appearance Jerry also revealed to the magazine that she exercises by practicing yoga and swimming and watching what she eats by avoiding bread and sugar.


    The mother of four clearly cares about her looks and understands the industry, but says that plastic surgery is generally abhorrent to her.


    “It’s so idiotic when they risk their lives to have surgery,” said Jerry. “Every time you have anesthesia, you’re killing a lot of brain cells – why would you do that? You could get infections, you could die.”


    “Why make yourself look a grotesque caricature of yourself? They don’t fool anyone. They look like pathetic, insecure creatures. I loathe the whole thing.”


    “I don’t mean to be critical, and I understand that actresses feel the pressure in Hollywood, they have to do it. I respect that and I feel sorry for them that they have to do it.”


    “But for normal women to do it? If men want to leave their wife for a 19-year-old, they’re gonna do it anyway. All the facelifts and Botox in the world isn’t going to change that guy, you know?”


    Jerry’s recent comments are similar to those she has made in the past. Although she has naturally arched brows, she doesn’t believe in using Botox to enhance the eyes.


    In and interview with Good Housekeeping magazine’s UK version, Jerry said “I am very against it. I think it looks silly – people with mean-looking eyebrows.”


    Rather than opt for plastic surgery procedures to remove fat, Jerry said that keeping active is the key to her still-slim figure.


    “You can burn a lot of calories mopping the house,” she said last year. It may be true for Jerry, as her home has 26 rooms.


    And while she may not subscribe to Hollywood’s plastic surgery obsession, she certainly uses many of the same luxury beauty products as other women in the industry.


    The former supermodel reveals that she slathers her body with olive oil and otherwise uses some of the most expensive skincare products available, including La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe, which goes for almost $500 for 50ml.

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      There is always an easy and hard way for some parts of the body

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