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  • Jessica Simpson, Breast Augmentation, ImplantsJessica Simpson is the frequent subject of rumors about her copious breasts being the product of a breast augmentation. Life & Style magazine’s current issue meditates on the question of whether Jessica Simpson’s recent appearance at different social functions with seemingly larger breasts than before is due to breast implants. Life & Style goes on a CIA-style investigation and asks Jessica Simpson’s close friends and colleagues about whether her large breasts are natural endowments or a gift of the knife. After much prodding, Life & Style concludes its investigation by saying that her breasts are natural and that any seeming expansion of her breasts is due to weight fluctuations and wardrobe tricks such as push-up bras and tape.

    What is most interesting about this article is not the magazine’s conclusion of no recent boob job, but the fact that they are totally of the mark about Jessica’s breasts. Jessica Simpson did have breast implants, but the procedure was done long ago at the beginning of her ascent to fame and not recently. The tell-tale signs of implants are roundness of implants, wide cleavage, and perkiness despite having large breasts. These signs are present in Jessica Simpson’s case, who’s had implants since her career started taking off. As a result, Jessica Simpson’s breasts appearing bigger in some recent photos is not due to a just-done breast augmentation, but is due to clever use of push-up bras. However, the original breasts that are being accentuated by push up bras were originally augmented by implants.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn confirmed in a statement to Make Me Heal his belief that Jessica Simpson had a breast augmentation long ago, saying “People have been asking about Jessica for some time now, and I believe she has had a breast augmentation in the distant past, but not recently.” Commenting on the fluctuations in her breast size, Dr. Youn adds “ Her breasts seem to change shape depending on what type of bra she is wearing. If it’s a push-up bra, she has the round appearance of implants, if it’s not push-up the breasts look more natural.”

    Jessica Simpson has flatly denied rumors of her having breast implants, saying that her breasts are naturally large. But Jessica has admitted that she has no problem going under the knife in the future if her large breasts head south when she gets older. “If my boobs ended up hanging round my waist, then I’d definitely get them pulled up,” says Simpson. As for having surgery on her face, Jessica says: “I’d never have anything done to my face. I like it the way it is.” Separately, Jessica Simpson admitted to having tried lip augmentation through Restylane injections, but has stopped using them because of not liking the effect. Click here to read about Jessica Simpson’s Plastic Surgery Confessions.

    Photo source: cosmetic-makeovers.com

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