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    Jessica Simpson was spotted outside of Barney’s New York in the last two weeks (see picture) with quite a full and puffy lip, prompting new plastic surgery rumors that the back-to-blonde singer has dabbled again in lip injections.

    Jessica Simpson, Lip Injections, Plastic SurgeryIn the past, Jessica has tried Restylane to plump her lips and was not satisfied with the result. With Restylane out of favor, it is possible that Jessica has now tried another temporary injection filler such as Juvederm or collagen for her famous lips. Lip injections are performed in a very short amount of time, and under local anesthesia or sedation. Being that lip injections are typically done within less than an hour, it is possible that Jessica had the cosmetic treatment done right before she went on her shopping run. This would explain the excessive puffiness and appearance of swelling seen in the above picture.

    Plastic surgeon John Di Saia speculates in his blog that Jessica Simpson had her lips augmented. “Either she [Jessica Simpson] had too much filler or too local anesthesia (for my tastes anyway). I like less filler.”

    Jessica previously admitted to having Restylane back in October 2006, saying I had that Restylane stuff. It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that. But…it went away in, like, four months. My lips are back to what they were. Thank God!

    If lip injections are indeed in the mix, it is unlikely that Simpson has gotten semi-permanent fillers such as Gore-Tex or Silicone, for the results cannot be undone without corrective surgery. Given her bad prior experience, it would not be reasonable for Simpson to opt for these choices. Additionally, semi-permanent fillers have the downside of sometimes causing lumpiness in the lip, that although not visible to the eye, can be felt by the wearer.

    To Jessica Simpson’s defense, there is a small chance that her lips are natural and that she is making clever use of a lip gloss, lip liner, or using natural lip plumpers which are typically made of a spicy, tingly gloss that naturally enhances the color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation (read more about lip plumpers).

    Keep in mind this isn’t the first time Jessica has hit our plastic surgery radar. Simpson is rumored to have gotten breast implants before the start of her career to achieve her gigantic bust, and a nose job to narrow her previously wider nose, and has admitted to having Restylane lip injections. So it may not be too far off to say lip injections are the source of her fuller lips.

    Additionally, Jessica has spoken openly for having plastic surgery in the future, saying that she is interested in having a breast lift.

    “Maybe after having kids, if my boobs dropped down to my belly button, I would get them lifted. … Maintenance, says Jessica.

    We’ll just have to keep a watch on Jessica’s breasts and see if there is any upward migration in the near future.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery and secrets about Jessica Simpson on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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