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  • Close-up photos of Jessica Simpson’s legs as she leaves the gym in a pair of small shorts has got some people speculating that the plastic surgery-friendly celebrity’s toned thighs, legs, and calves are the result of liposuction.

    Jessica Simpsons, Liposuction, Leg

    The so-called damning photos show what some believe to be irregularity in the shape of Jessica’s thigh and calf, which can result from less than stellar liposuction results. Additionally, there is a small bit of dimpling on the side of the top of Jessica’s upper thigh. Looking at the photos closely, the liposuction claim is clearly preposterous, as Jessica’s legs are nothing but muscle that has been earned from consistent gym sessions. Additionally, the lighting of the photos showing her calf in the sunlight and some of her thigh in the shadow give the misleading impression that there is some dimpling in her thigh that may be due to uneven liposuction results. The tiny bit of dimpling that is barely seen on the side of her thigh is merely cellulite, which over 95% of women naturally have.

    Jessica Simpson, Plastic Surgery, LipsosuctionPlastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia believes that liposuction may have been performed on Jessica Simpson in the past, but not recently. Commenting on the photos, Dr. Di Saia says on his blog, “Well she does have some irregularity up top near the side of her rear end. She might have had some liposuction, but I doubt her procedure was very recent unless she had one of those silly mesotherapy sessions. These cause less trauma but can lead to some irregularity. I figure ‘Likely’ on lipo, but not recently.”

    While the liposuction on Jessica’s legs is surely a false rumor, it is understandable, though, that people would be quick to accuse Jessica Simpson of having yet another plastic surgery, considering the various cosmetic surgery procedures that she has had previously. Not to mention that the plastic surgery gene runs in the family, as her sister Ashley Simpson has also had frequent encounters with the knife (Read about Ashlee Simpon’s Plastic Surgery).

    Jessica Simpson, Liposuction, LegJessica is rumored to have had a breast augmentation to achieve her copious upper proportions, nose job to narrow her previously wider nose, and has admitted to having Restylane lip injections. So adding liposuction to the laundry list of Jessica’s enhancements is not a seemingly far stretch. Additionally, Jessica has spoken openly for having plastic surgery in the future, saying that she is interested in having a breast lift.

    “If my boobs ended up hanging round my waist, then I’d definitely get them pulled up,” says Jessica.

    For now, Jessica Simpson is off the hook on this plastic surgery rumor.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Jessica & Ashlee Simpson on Plasticopedia.

    Pic source: Dlisted.com

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