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  • It’s not easy running a multi-million dollar empire and having two small kids and a new marriage. Just ask Jessica Simpson, the singer turned reality star turned weight loss spokesperson and entrepreneur. Although Jessica has admitted to dabbling in plastic surgery experiments in the past, the petite blonde has largely sworn off going under the knife. But according to new reports, the newly lean fashion diva spends more on her beauty routine than the average plastic surgery procedure costs.

    34-year old Jessica Simpson was the recent focus of a report by New Zealand news site TVNZ, which found that the star spends in the neighborhood of $1 million a year on beauty treatments, according to Refinery 29.

    The rundown of Jessica’s beauty treatments includes:


    • eyelash-extension touch-ups to the tune of $1,000 per week—courtesy of a house call from an eyelash expert who charges $500 a session
    • bust enhancements, including chest massages and breast-enlargement cream for $50,000 per year
    • laser treatments to eliminate the appearance of cellulite at $2,000 per month
    • an on-call hairstyling team for $230,000 per year
    • tanning sessions at $1,000 per week


    And while Jessica credits the Weight Watchers program for her major weight loss after having two kids in rapid succession, she also has a celebrity trainer that costs major dough.


    According to the source, “Jess trains with Harley Pasternak three times a week at $1,500 per session.”


    As for the amount of money Jessica spends on her famous chest, the perky blonde has always denied having a breast augmentation to get her famous bosom, but it would actually be a lot less output than the measures a source says Jessica takes to maintain her décolletage.


    The source says, “Jessica uses Natural Breast Enlargement Cream twice a day. She also has the upper part of her chest massaged twice a week to help.”


    Jessica Simpson’s self-titled fashion company is reportedly worth in the neighborhood of a $1 billion and Jessica has never been one to promote the “natural look.”


    Since dropping weight, Jessica has been showing off her stunning new figure, posting selfies on social media of herself in tiny shorts and skimpy swimsuits along with high heels that help to accentuate her newly super muscular legs—and of course her very expensive sunless tanning product.


    Years ago, Jessica was criticized for sporting a trout pout and she later admitting to trying lip augmentation courtesy of a filler. Jessica reportedly didn’t like the results of her foray into plastic surgery and has since laid off the lip fillers, but it looks like her interest in looking good and camera ready for the paparazzi at all times is still there.


    And early in her career, Jessica was often thought to be the recipient of a breast enlargement because her bust is unusually big for her small frame. However, Jessica always denied the rumors and has said that her large chest is the result of plastic surgery but it seems that her augmentation is more superficial than knife-deep.