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  • Pro football players probably aren’t your first suspects for plastic surgery, but rumor has it that Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is heading for the operating room during the offseason.

    Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt first injured his nose after one of his notoriously violent collisions during Week 4 of the season. That initial injury resulting in needing six stitches to stem the injury. But since then, each time Watt has played the gash has reopened, resulting in an ugly, permanent mark on his face.

    While some might find Watt’s permanent scar a sign of his dedication to his chosen career, one person who isn’t a fan is the player’s mother. The 2012 Defensive Player of the Year told The Associated Press that the primary reason is opting to go under the knife is because of his mother.

    “She hates it,” Watt told the AP.

    The injury looks like a giant red mark across the top of his nose, and also includes some hefty indentations. When the injury first occurred, Watt could be seen bleeding heavily on the sidelines. By the end of the game, he had been stitched up, but was left with dried blood crusting on his face. After that, each time he played the injury reopened and would need to be reclosed. Eventually, the player just stopped having it restitched.

    According to Watt, the injury is “very painful” when he gets hit, but doesn’t bother him if nothing comes into contact with it.

    However, when the player had a two-week rest between games, the injury began to look a little better. He is hoping that it looks even better if given plenty of time to heal.

    “Once it gets times to heal up and rest, it goes back to pretty normal,” he said. “We’ll see what happens. If it doesn’t heal itself, then I will look into getting it fixed.”

    Dr. Franklin Rose, a celebrity plastic surgeon gave CultureMap.com a run through of what will need to be done if Watt does heed his mother and undergo plastic surgery to fix his nose.

    “Cosmetic surgery would serve to stabilize the injury and allow for further athletic endeavors,” Rose says. “(Watt) would likely need external scar revisions.”

    According to Rose, the procedure wouldn’t just be cosmetic, it would also be structural as the fracture may be creating a “nasal airway obstruction.”

    It sounds like Watt’s offseason will be pretty busy, first healing the injury and then undergoing reconstruction plastic surgery to help his nose withstand future games. Then of course, he will have to spend time on plastic surgery recovery so that he doesn’t reinjure his nose even before his return to the field for next season.

    While the NFL is becoming more and more aware of the risk of injury to it’s players, nose jobs haven’t really been openly discussed before Watt’s brutal display on the field. Generally, common injuries tend to lead to serious problems later in life, as the NFL is now discovering.