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  • Joan Allen has been nominated for an Oscar three times in her impressive career. But how far would the Illinois-native have gotten without the help of some very good plastic surgery?

    At 53, Joan Allen has a multitude of movies in her repertoire, from comedy to drama and everything in between. But more recently, fans have noticed Joan growing younger and attributed her freshened up appearance to a facelift. However, given the subtle changes, it seems more likely that Joan is using fillers like Radiesse, Sculptra or fat to plump up certain areas of her face, including her cheeks.

    Joan Allen, Plastic Surgery

    If Joan had a facelift, her face would be slightly tighter looking, and would not have any wrinkles. The wrinkles Joan does have give her a natural look, and would more likely be totally eradicated by a facelift.

    Board certified New York dermatologist Dr Judith Hellman says, “Joan Allen seems to have some type of cheek augmentation done, maybe implants or maybe injectibles like Radiesse, Sculptra or fat. She also has a much smoother forehead, which would indicate possible Botox treatments. Also looks like her nasolabial lines were plumpled up with a filler. I personally don’t think she had a face or necklift, judging by some residual lines in some strategic areas that a plastic surgeon surely would have corrected.”

    It isn’t outside the realm of possibility for Joan to have had a facelift, but it is more likely that her results were obtained by fillers and injectables.

    Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California, says, “It is possible Joan Allen had a facelift at some point.  In recent photos, she has fewer lines present with an overall younger look.  However, this could be due to a number of things and she may have only had filler.  Overall, Joan looks great and does not appear overdone.”

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer says, “Ten years later, and Joan Allen looks even more youthful with her full cheeks. Her younger, refreshed look is likely the result of Botox injections to her forehead and fat injections to her cheeks, around her mouth and under her eyes.”

    Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says, “It is hard to tell for sure, but when comparing previous photos, it does appear that she has had at least a neck lift, cheek fillers and some Botox Cosmetic to the forehead.”

    Whatever her secret, Joan looks great, and fans can look out for her in the Indie film Good Sharma.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Joan Allen on Plasticopedia the largest celebrity plastic encyclopedia.

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