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  • Joan Collins is a television legend, thanks to her extraordinary sense of beauty and style, which haven’t changed over the last 30 years. Despite never admitting to plastic surgery publicly, Joan is thought to be one of the greatest examples of plastic surgery. In an interview with the Daily Mail, the actress shares her secrets to looking good even at the age of 81—and even admits to Botox injections. Almost.

    In a brief Q&A with the Daily Mail, Joan discusses growing older and how she takes care of herself. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

    What’s your fitness regimen?

    I stretch first thing, use free weights and do 100 crunches and sit-ups every day. If I’m in London or LA, I do an hour of similar exercises with my personal trainers three times a week. But I don’t believe in ‘no pain, no gain’. Over a certain age you have to take it easy, but use every part of your body.


    Worry about your weight?

    No, but there’s no way I’d let myself go from a size eight to a ten (I’m 5ft 5in) so I’ll cut down on chocolates, won’t finish everything on my plate, and avoid toast at breakfast, and puddings if my trousers get too tight.


    Ever had plastic surgery?

    Once I had Botox but left halfway through and said I’d never have it again. It was so painful, and I wasn’t keen on having poison injected into my forehead. I’ve seen too many disasters – people with too high cheekbones, wonky eyes and lips too filled out. One way I take care of my skin is with products from my beauty range, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty.


    Pop any pills?

    Vitamin E for my skin, D for my bones strong and C, for the immune system. I also take MSM [methyl sulfonyl methane, a sulphur compound found in plants] for suppleness.


    Had anything removed?

    My tonsils as a child. I remember being allowed to eat as much ice cream as I wanted, which was thrilling.


    Although Joan clearly takes care of herself, there are likely a few things she is leaving out as well. The Dynasty actress is known to wear wigs and it could be that beneath the wig she is using an old actress trick relying on tape to pull her face up and prevent any signs of laxity due to aging from showing. The effect is similar to that of a facelift but isn’t considered to be a good idea as it can cause excess stretching of the skin.


    Trying Botox is just about as close as Joan has come to admitting to doing anything remotely close to plastic surgery over the years. Given that her neck does show signs of aging while her face remains relatively flawless, albeit covered in hair and cosmetics, it does seem that Joan is leaving out a facelift or two in the past, as well as possible eyelift. However, it seems that Joan is planning to take her plastic surgery confessions with her to the grave.