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  • Jodie Foster has been in front of a camera her whole life, even through the notoriously awkward teenage years. But through it all she has maintained her appearance without any plastic surgery. Or so she says.

    At 47, Jodie Foster has much the same appearance as she did when she won an Oscar back in 1992 for Silence of the Lambs. Back in 2007, Makemeheal.com reported that Jodie hadn’t had any plastic surgery, nor was she planning on having, not that there’s anything wrong with it for other people (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jodie Foster’s plastic surgery).

    Jodie Foster, Plastic Surgery

    Back then, Jodie said, “I don’t have anything against it for other people. Whatever they want to do, I’m fine with it. For me, it’s really a self-image thing. Like, I’d rather have somebody go, ‘Wow, that girl has a bad nose’ than ‘Wow, that girl has a bad nose job.’ I’d rather have a comment about who I am than about something that identifies me as being ashamed of who I am.”

    It looks like Jodie is staying true to her word and away from the knife.

    Board certified New York dermatologist Dr Judith Hellman says, “Jodie Foster is beautiful. I think she looks age appropriate and beautiful for 47, and can’t see evidence of any “work”. She has a few lines that she earned and that I feel are becoming, and her natural glow needs no added help. Way to go, Jodie!”

    While she does have incredible skin, it also moves too naturally to be the result of more than the slightest Botox injections in her forehead.

    Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California, says, “Jodie Foster may have had Botox but that is about it. Her look is natural, and she does not appear to have had any major work done.”

    In fact, Jodie could actually use a touch more Botox to get rid of some the crow’s feet around her eyes.

    Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says, “Jodie Foster does not appear to have had invasive plastic surgery.  If she asked me, I would suggest a touch of Botox around the eyes, but otherwise she looks great.”

    On the other hand, Jodie could be pulling the wool over the world’s eyes, as some suspect she has definitely had plastic surgery, including a rhinoplasty when she was younger.

    OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia says, “Nose job as a younger woman at the least.”

    More recently, Jodie may have also had a mini-facelift.

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer says, “Her face is shiny and smooth- a result of good make up and Botox injections to her forehead and filler injections to the folds in her cheek. Her smile also looks a little taut- perhaps the result of a mini facelift.”

    Whatever Jodie is doing to maintain her looks, it’s clearly working for her.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Jodie Foster Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic encyclopedia.

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