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  • John Travolta is a favorite target of the paparazzi, photographed frequently day and night. Recently, John was the target of the camera lens, which revealed his thinning head of hair, while a photo just days later at an industry event revealed a full, lush head of hair. Makemeheal.com thinks that plastic surgery could help resolve his hair loss issues.

    55-year old John Travolta has been noticed countless times for his on-again, off-again hairpiece(See Make Me Heal’s story on John Travolta’s hairpiece), but this time we have a solution for the father-to-be.

    John Travolta, Plastic Surgery

    Hair restoration expert Dr. Alan Bauman says, “ 55 year old John Travolta is well known for his celebrity appeal as well as his artificial hair.  Over the years he’s been photographed with and without his hairpiece. Sporting a variety of mesh-based wigs or movies and star-studded events, he’s also gone au natural for some films and his deep temporal hairline recessions are often seen off-camera There is often considerable debate whether Travolta looks better bald/shaved or wearing a hairpiece. ”

    “Follicle-challenged celebs and others who don’t “embrace their baldness” have had the option of artificial hairpieces, wigs or weaves or undergoing medical treatments like hair transplantation to permanently restore their hair.”

    “Despite the fact that hair transplantation techniques and technology has improved dramatically in effectiveness and efficiency over the years, Travolta seems to be one of the few leading men left who have chosen to still wear artificial hair, instead of ‘grow his own’ so to speak.”

    “Today’s modern medical treatments not only stop the progression of hair loss but also advanced hair transplant procedures, like NeoGraft FUE, allow for the restoration of living and growing hair without a tell-tale linear scar (a la Jeremy Piven ) .  Because minimally-invasive NeoGraft hair transplant procedures leave no linear scar, it is an attractive option for many actors who play a variety of roles that may include short haircuts.   Far different from your father’s antiquated “hair plugs,” today’s transplanted hairlines are surgically created to be feathery, natural and undetectable—artistically designed literally one transplanted hair follicle at a time—so actors can have the confidence that their hairline will be undetectable and never ‘pluggy’ even in close-ups.

    “Many balding men will use FDA-approved Propecia/Finasteride, Minoxidil/Rogaine or Laser Therapy in an attempt to protect and enhance the hair they have.”

    “Converting from artificial hair to transplanted hair can be tricky surgically as well as psychologically.  My father (Lawrence Bauman) wore a hairpiece for many years before undergoing transplantation to restore his hair.”

    “Many celebs will still not discuss their thinning hair, but others like Dennis Miller, and YouTube personalities like Kevin ‘Nalts’ Nalty and Greg Benson (Mediocre Films) embrace their hair transplants and even filmed them ‘live’ for public consumption.”

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer says, “If John Travolta is wearing a weave, that is one piece of art.  Hair plugs and transplants do offer men great results with creating thicker hair, but it is a process that would take weeks to see a good looking final result.”

    John Travolta’s next project is adding to his family, with a late-in-life addition. Make Me Heal wishes the grieving family the best.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of John Travolta on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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