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  • For the last few days, some people were in suspense as to whether or not English model Jordan was going to further augment or reduce her 32G-size breasts (see the story a week ago about Jordan’s Breast Surgery Mystery) .  The speculation and wait is now over, as Jordan has gotten the breast reduction that she intended to have, reducing her from a Ginormous-G cup to a likely D cup.  Jordan’s reason for the surgery was to perk up her sagging breats.  Her journey to 32G size breasts and back took five plastic surgeries.

    Jordan, Breast Reduction

    But Jordan’s breast reduction was not the only plastic surgery that she got while in Los Angeles this week. Seen shopping around the hip Los Angeles stores of Fred Segal and Kitson, the 30-year old model’s figure was noticeably slimmer, thanks to the disappearance of her gigantic rack.  Rounding out her new look was a new set of augmented lips which were probably done with Restylane or Juvederm injections.

    Jordan may not stop at a breast reduction and lip aumgentations, as she has recently indicated that she wanted to get a vaginoplasty to rejuvenate her privates.  Los Angeles is known to be house some of the world’s best vaginal plastic surgery doctors such as Dr. David Matlock.

    “I’m going to have my fanny (vagina) done, too. I want to be a virgin again. That’ll be a treat for Pete.”

    Born Katie Price, Jordan had a breast reduction in December of last year, but was apparently displeased that her breasts were only reduced to a size 32F, as they remained saggy due to their massive size (read Make Me Heal’s original story on Jordan’s Breast Implants & Reduction). She traveled to Los Angeles this week to 

    “When I saw my boobs, I was disappointed because they looked big and I wanted them to be a lot smaller. I’m really disappointed. In fact I’m going back to the States to get them re-done. They hang too low when I’m standing up,” said Jordan.

    The only question now is whether anyone will care about Jordan anymore now that her famous assets have been reduced.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Jordan on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.