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  • Julie Christie, Plastic SurgeryLegendary actress Julie Christie has fessed up about having plastic surgery and warns that she may not be done having cosmetic work in the future. Christie, 65, admitted to having had work on her jawline, which most likely means she had a lower face lift and had her jowls removed and the muscles tightened.

    In a rare display of honesty by a celebrity and good-natured humor about aging, Julie Christie admitted to being constantly tempted to have more cosmetic surgery, “I’m tempted every time I look in the mirror. You want to get your face back when you see all the lines around your chin, neck, eyes, mouth and your bloody arms and everything else!”

    The star of Doctor Zhivago and Finding Neverland echoes the sentiment of many aging women who have gone under the knife, having felt that their inner youthful self did not reflect itself in their aging physical look. “I know what I look like – then I look in the mirror and don’t look like that person. I think, I don’t know who that is.”

    It is refreshing and admirable to have a celebrity like Julie Christie be honest about her fears of aging and not lie about work she had done. While many celebrities try to have the public believe that they have age-defying genes, Julie shows that celebrities are human and have the same aging issues that the rest of us have.

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