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  • Recently Make Me Heal was the first to coin the term plastic surgery wardrobe malfunctions (much like Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction) in honor of phenomenons where celebrities’ cosmetic surgeries reveal their tell-tale signs in aesthetically unappealing ways. Most frequent occurences of malfunctions are with breast implants which ripple and dimple in the chest area, causing one’s chest to look bumpy, uneven, and appear as if it has been indented. Breast implant malfunctions of this type often occur with celebrities whose implants may be too large for their frame, or when stars wear tight, chest-bearing clothing.This week’s breast implant malfunctions include the following:

    Janet Jackson

    First came Janet Jackson‘s famous wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl. Now Janet’s side view of her breast implants reveal some embarrasing implant indentations due to rippling.

    Janet Jackson, Breast Implants

    Courtney Love

    If it wasn’t enough that Courtney Love had a botched nose surgery, she now also has a breast implant malfunction added to her plastic surgery record.

    Courtney Love, Breast Implants

    Vivica Fox

    Vivica Fox chose the wrong oufit to show off her assets, as she should have checked herself in the mirror to make sure that her implants were not in ripple and bumpy mode before stepping out into the night. Vivica is also rumored to have a nose job and to use Botox injectiosn or other dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm to achieve her wrinkle-free forehead and laugh-line free smile.

    Vivica Fox, Breast Implants

    Photo source: listaholic.com

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