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  • There’s devote fans and then there are downright fanatics. While singer Justin Bieber’s fans have been known to take things to dangerous levels, one fan has taken them to a whole new place. Toby Sheldon says that he has spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look just like The Biebs.

    According to RadarOnline, 33-year old Los Angeles-based songwriter Toby Sheldon says that he has had a series of plastic surgery procedures to become as childishly adorable as his favorite star, Justin Bieber. The numerous procedures that Toby has undergone include: chin reduction and eyelid surgery, multiple hair transplants and face filler procedures.

    The Daily Mail reports that Toby’s obsession with his appearance began when he was 23 years old and began experiencing thinning hair. But in 2008 when he began seeing pictures of Justin Bieber all over the place, his obsession grew to a whole new level as he decided he wanted to look just like his idol.

    At the time, he had already spent $8,000 on hair transplants, but he still wasn’t satisfied. So he brought his plastic surgeon a photo of Justin and had more hair transplants to make his hair look like the Biebs’ signature mushroom-head pixie cut, with three more hair transplants and another $21,000 investment.

    Still Toby, who admits to having a fear of aging, wasn’t happy with his new look. He wanted Bieber’s baby face.

    He says that by using Bieber as an influence, he has been able to look much younger in his own appearance through plastic surgery.

    That said, Toby doesn’t consider himself to be a die-hard fan saying, ” ‘I didn’t necessarily listen to his music or fawn over him as a celebrity, but his face was just so flawless every change I made was modeled after him.”

    After his procedures, Toby has maintained his look using fillers in his face and lips. Now he bears little resemblence to the man he was before plastic surgery, but he wasn’t done yet.

    Next Toby had Botox and Aquamid injected into his forehead and temples.

    Then, in 2012 he spent nearly $5,000 on eyelid surgery to raise his upper lids.

    This proved to be more difficult than it sounds as he had to go through eight different surgeons before finding one to operate on him.

    Most recently, Toby had smile surgery, a three part operation, to transform his smile into the Bieber’s grin. Smile surgery has been popular in Asia but is becoming more popular in the US as well. This procedure cost $30,000.

    Still, Toby says he isn’t done yet as he still doesn’t look quite enough like the real deal to satisfy himself.

    He is still planning to undergo a nose job and jaw reduction, which he says were recommended by his doctor.

    Toby is proud that he still gets carded with his newly youthful look and that his similar style and hair now get him mistaken for the original.