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  • Justin Bieber’s stint in South America just keeps getting more complicated. The baby-faced pop star is misbehaving but his people keep trying to keep the news away from the press. That is, until a Brazilian woman named Tati Neves came forward to tell her tale of a night with Justin Bieber.

    Video of a sleeping baby Bieber was making the rounds of the Internet and it seems that the person behind the camera is Tati Neves, a 27-year old Brazillian model. Tavi has told the UK Sun that not only did she sleep with the 19-year old pop star, she enjoyed it.

    She says, “Take it from me, he’s well endowed – and very good in bed.” Later in the interview she calls the Biebs “looks great naked.”

    In fact, Tati says that Bieber so exhausted her; she turned him down for a follow-up “date” the next day.

    While the Biebs may look great naked because he works out a lot and probably has a speedy metabolism thanks to his young age–not too many people are able to eat chicken fingers and sweets and still have rock hard abs_–at least some of Tati’s physical attributes come courtesy of plastic surgery.

    Tati can reportedly be found in the nude on some Brazilian adult websites and it looks like Bieber may have met her at the Centaurus club in Rio, which apparently doubles as a brothel. However, some have said that she was not amongst the 30 women that Biebs had bussed in for a private party in his hotel room so the truth is again uncertain.

    Whatever Tati’s occupation, she has most likely had plastic surgery in the past, including a very obvious breast augmentation. Wearing a skimpy “Brazilian” bikini, Tati’s top does not provide any support yet her breasts ride high and full, and very close together for optimum cleavage, indications of breast implants. Brazil is famous for plastic surgery, having world renowned plastic surgery clinics and buttocks augmentation originating there.

    It is hard to tell from photos whether or not Tati has undergone Brazillian buttocks augmentation, a procedure that helps lift and fill out the buttocks with the body’s own fat and no implants. One thing that Tati is clear on, even if her romance with Bieber is fuzzy: She is not a transsexual.

    While some reports said that the muscular model—possibly a body builder or fitness model is actually a transsexual, Tati is apparently currently separated and has a five year old daughter.

    According to Tati, she didn’t post the video, a friend did after Tati sent her the video saying where she was.

    Given that Tati seems to have an extreme dislike of clothing, whether at the beach or at the club, Makemeheal.com hopes that while she sports her skimpy string bikinis she is also sporting plenty of sunscreen.

    While Bieber is no longer in Rio, his bizarre tour of South America continues, with him throwing fits, getting kicked out of hotels and brothels and shutting down concerts when he’s not cancelling them entirely.