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  • Former child star turned college sophomore Justine Bateman isn’t interested in reliving her glory days as the hot sister on television’s family friendly sitcom Family Ties. Instead, she’s happy to have a wrinkle or two and doesn’t plan on going under the knife.

    47-year old Justine Bateman has a pretty simple skincare routine when it comes to looking good. Plastic surgery is out and creams are in. Rather than fight every crease on her face, Justine says she embraces wrinkles and even has a minimal approach to makeup.

    “I’ve never been interested in changing my face. I hear of those glycolic peels and the Botox and plastic surgeries and I am just, like, “Oh my God.” “I just could never do that.”

    As a mother of two and currently enrolled college student at the University of California Los Angeles, who blogs about her experience as a sophomore studying computer science, Justine says she simply doesn’t have a light of time to worry about having a full skincare regimen and makeup routine.

    “I’ve never liked spending a lot of time on beauty stuff. I have two eye pencils that I use and that’s it. “For school, I don’t even put on makeup because I can’t tend to it later in the day. I just need something fast that works.”

    Rather than relying on heavy foundations to hide her flaws and help her to appear luminous, Justine says that she prefers to keep her skincare routine as easy and low key and possible. She uses natural products that don’t have dyes and perfumes.

    “I’m picky about skin care because I hate perfumes or anything that says ‘It will take away all the lines on your face.’ I don’t want to do that,” she says. “But I do use Kiehl’s and this skin cream called Restorsea because it makes my skin look nice and feel soft. I have even pulled some of the women who are my age who are going to college in to using it. I like that it works and it is not damaging my face in order to get there.”

    Although she hasn’t been a television regular for some time, Justine does make the occasional appearance or cameo. Rather than getting glammed up, Justine typically appears fairly natural, with her hair in loose natural waves rather than perfect curls and a minimum amount of makeup, even on camera.

    While Justine may want to avoid plastic surgery such as an eyelift to help her sagging lids or a facelift in the future, she may be unaware that injectables such as Botox and Restylane are temporary and do wear off after about six months. Done properly, injectables can have a natural appearance and may even help speed up Justine’s already simple beauty routine as she would require only a one time doctor’s appointment rather than constant moisturizer application. A laser procedure could also help to tighten up some loose skin without appearing overdone or eliminating wrinkles completely, allowing Justine to still look like Justine.