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  • Former Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley, better known to fans of the reality series as JWoww, has been plagued by rumors of plastic surgery pretty much since she began becoming a household name. What made her different from other celebrity types is that rather than play coy, JWoww decided to open up about her plastic surgery procedures. However, she has never admitted to having work done on her face, so rumors have persisted even as the televison show came to an end a couple years back and the stars moved on with their lives.

    In the past, JWoww has been so open about her plastic surgery that she has inadvertently shown off her surgical scars from having the implants placed. In addition to scar reduction and scar elimination products such as silicone scar sheets, scar reduction creams and gels and Kelo-cote products, JWoww could still wear the plunging necklines she favors to show off her breast augmentation, but perhaps skip the outfits that reveal side boob, and her scars.

    Still, even after admitting to breast implants, she hasn’t directly commented on liposuction rumors or admitted to having work done on her face. It is suspected that JWoww underwent liposuction a few years back because of the uneven appearance of her stomach. While her bellybutton is very flat, she still has some slight bulges closer to her hips, a sign of uneven liposuction having been performed.

    But when it comes to her face, JWoww admits to having absolutely no work done, despite the fact that she looks very different than she did when the Jersey Shore premiered a few years back. Now 28-years old, JWoww looks like she has had lip augmentation and Botox as her lips look much fuller than they did in the past and her forehead never moves or shows emotion, a sign of too much Botox.

    JWoww’s most recent plastic surgery denial came on a recent episode of Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, Bethenny. So how does JWoww explain the somewhat drastic change in her appearance over the years? Makeup, of course!

    She told Real Housewife turned talk show host Bethenny, “I have a great makeup artist. He’s a drag queen and he’s done it if I want bigger lips or bigger cheeks. And I also lost 20 lbs!”

    While weight loss does change the shape and look of a person’s face, it generally makes the face look slimmer, not fuller, like JWoww’s. Frequently when famous people  lose weight, they will use injectable fillers in the cheeks and other areas to restore volume, for a more youthful look. This also leads to the “bobble head” look when a star loses too much weight and uses too much facial filler.

    Still, just because JWoww isn’t admitting to facial plastic surgery doesn’t mean she won’t in the future. When directly asked if she has had facial plastic surgery like fillers and Botox, JWoww’s response is, “No, I definitely want to try it, but I’m um, I’m only 28.”


    Maybe when JWoww reaches what she feels is an acceptable age to use plastic surgery she will open up about it?