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  • K Michelle used to be behind the scenes, working with luminaries like Usher and Missy Elliott. But since stepping into the spotlight as a performer in her own right, all people want to know is whether or not her generous rear end is real or fake?

    As one of the stars on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, K Michelle has readily admitted that her bust is the result of a breast augmentation paid for by an abusive ex boyfriend. But until recently she has remained quiet on the subject of her rear end, leading to endless speculation as to whether or not she has had some sort of a plastic surgery buttocks augmentation.

    K Michelle is getting ready to star in her own reality show and in a series of radio interview, the truth seems to have finally been revealed as to how K’s butt got to be quite so big.


    According to K, she has never had injections, despite the rumors that have heated up recently as her rear end appears to have gotten larger than ever. However, K says that she did recently have a butt lift, as well as had some liposuction on her stomach in addition to losing weight, all of which has made her booty look bigger than ever.


    A butt lift helps shape the rear end and can help eliminate some of that thunder thigh look that makes a rear end look droopy rather than perky, so K could be telling the truth. Yet, given that her rear has always been pretty substantial, not everyone is completely convinced that K is being completely truthful.


    In the interview, K also dished on her love life as well as why she left one version of the reality show for another version in another city and her own upcoming spinoff series.


    Although it may seem odd that after years of speculation met with silence on the subject of a booty boost, K has finally admitted to plastic surgery, it may be that she is more comfortable opening up about her procedure because recently many others have as well.


    SWV member Lelee admitted to having a plastic surgery buttocks augmentation procedure on her blog, going off about how pleased she has been with the results and the new boost to her career as well.


    Tiny, rapper TI’s wife and the costar on the reality show focusing on their family recently admitted to having plastic surgery, after years of speculation from fans. Rather reluctantly, Tiny admitted in an interview that her breasts and buttocks were not entirely natural. She did not specify what type of augmentation procedure she had undergone, or when it took place, but most likely after motherhood, which is also when she had breast implants placed.


    Shenikah Jo, Tiny’s friend and sometimes costar, also admitted to having buttocks surgery, via fat injections and seemed quite happy with the results.


    If admitting to buttocks injections is becoming a trend for the year, maybe Kim Kardashian will finally open up about her much speculated procedure?