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    Tattoo artist turned reality star Kat Von D is clearly no stranger to needles or body remodeling. But Makemeheal.com has noticed that every time she makes an appearance, it looks like she’s had more work.

    27-year old Kat has been under the knife in the past, getting a nose job that slimmed down the bridge and tip (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kat Von D’s plastic surgery) as well as rumored breast augmentation.

    Kat Von D, Plastic Surgery

    More recently, it seems that Kat has been using facial fillers and Botox, given her recent appearance at a charity gala where she appeared to have a slightly fuller and smoother face than previously.

    Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer generic Premarin says, “Kat Von D does not look much different from previous. She may have had additional maintenance fillers or Botox since these usually only last several months to a year.”

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    OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia says, “She has certainly had some surgery from the looks of her images.”

    Kat is certainly keeping her face smooth enough for more tats, although if she has too many more fillers she may no longer look good.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Kat Von D on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    6 Comments so far

    1. hollister uk on July 19, 2011 10:12 pm

      It’s good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource, thanx now i have the link which i was looking for my research.

    2. abercrombie uk on July 19, 2011 10:19 pm

      After read blog topic’s related post now I feel my research is almost completed. happy to see that.Thanks to share this brilliant matter.

    3. Sandrine on August 4, 2011 8:34 pm

      There goes another one. This country is sick. This woman was beautiful before. Now she is not. She strikes me as an artistic, boho version of Kim Kardashian – “awesome” ambition, multi-tasking, me-centered business ventures, extreme emphasis/time/energy/money lavished on her looks… just minus the dysfunctional high octane family. She has a low key “business-family” circle.

      But now the plastic surgery. Thing is, while she is very good at everything else – outfits, make up, tatoos, art in general, she falls into the same old trap so many others do re plastic surgery. She lets the doctors eff her up. I dont blame them though. She knows what she’s doing. Man… there is a chick covered with green ink… and yet, it somehow doesnt detract from her beauty, which most highly tattooed people … well, cant say the same for them. But its the plastic surgery that detracts – it is what I see now – the surgery. Not the beauty.

      Sad. Shame shame shame. She ought to find the best surgeon in hte world and get back her old nose. The new one sits there like a stranger to her face. Same for all the stretching and puffing. Lawd girl, what the hell you gone and done? And only 28. She is in for a world of trouble with that face in the future.

      Hey “gnarly stoked awesome High Voltage people!!! You boss needs an INTERVENTION! (lol, they are her little kittens. they wouldnt dare!)

      Okay, that’s all… DUDE!

    4. Sandrine on August 5, 2011 10:05 am

      Desperately Seeking INTERVENTION for Ms Kat Von D!!!


      I’d like to expand on the tattoos v the plastic surgery in this particular case of Ms Kat Von D.

      The tattoos are much more excessive and extensive than the plastic surgery (at THIS point! Just wait… ) Yet, those tattoos, crawling up her neck and appearing on her face, all down her arms, hands, front, back, etc., complement and enhance who she IS physically (and her artistic spirit), the hefty dose of beauty good old God or Mama Nature gave her, not more than, but as OPPOSED TO what was done by the good DOCTOR$. It isnt even close. The tats harmonize with who she is, whereas the nose mangling, that stunt (and I do mean stunt as in stunted – shaved, pinched, and awful) clearly does NOT. Nor does all the stretching and filling of that face. All I see is her plastic surgery mistakes now, whereas I used to enjoy her beauty. (What is next? A globular butt grafted on, a la Kim Kardashian?)

      I wish these doctors who accept the invitation to destroy beauty AND get paid handsomely for it did not exist. Alas, they do, in abundance, as is made abundantly evident by all the crap-plastic work product they parade before our eyes, via Hollywood. Hey, like Kat says, “It’s a crazy town!” Yeah, and she drank the crazy. The bad sort.

      Her call, her consequences. Cant really blame the docs when she sought and bought their “work.” She lost in the game of “catch the insecure celebrity and make her/him pay for your mansion to make him look worse” (Mr. Rourke? Ms. Too Many to Name?) What a grand bargain! These doctos might as well just hang a sign on their work product “Insecurity and Bad Aesthetics Live Here” (Or in Kat’s case, tattoo it on.)

      Agreeable celebrity victims like Kat are made much more vulnerable to making these bad judgment calls than non celebrity victim X because they can afford and like to pay for the disadvantage. They are disadvantaged by the pack of idolizers who dont dare drop a word of caution or criticism their way, or if they do it is drowned out, 100 to 1, by all the YES!! they get – Yes-Men, Yes Women, aka, their “people,” who surround them like a moat, in large part to constantly feed them large doses of subservient reverence for every move they make or plan to make or have made.

      This is obviously operational in Kat’s case, part of what has made her show such a hoot. (I love it. All the “awesomes” are awesome!!!) But another nice part of her show has been her unique artistic ability and work, often on display in her surroundings and certainly on herself. Now, she isnt foolproof on this score, either, but hell, she’s human. Most of the time, she does good.

      But good God, what a monumental lapse in judgment on her part re the plastic surgery. The girl has revealed a serious fly in her self-perception ointment. Heretofore, she seemed to “get it” re how she presented herself. Her look would never in a million years work on me or many other women, gorgeous, so-so, or homely, because it belongs uniquely to HER, and on her. Conversely, the carving and stuffing of her body, courtesy of some aesthetically challenged Dr. 90210, has produced a terrible TURKEY.

      Each season when she reappears, it is worse. (I dont follow her in any way except to watch LA Ink. I like the characters, the settings, the tattooing, the set up conflicts which one can pretend are real while laughing at oneself for pretending they are. I like watching it in uninterrupted sequence, after a bunch have piled up as re-runs. I just saw the first two last night. So I am not a “fan” – I am just someone who likes watching the show. I like (LIKED) seeing her look, but only in the context of the show. Not a fanzine or velvet rope kinda gal. I dont buy her products (or Kim Kardashian’s!) And this time, like last time, her additional plastic surgery had me groaning and running to the internet to see what’s been said – to see the “before” to remember what her beauty had been…

      Usually it is Father Time who screws with Mother Nature’s works of art. But Kat, apparently, was impatient… she jumped the line, way, waaaaay before her time, and screwed herself.

      I’ll end this as I started: This 28 year old is in serious need of an intervention, NOW. Since that is unlikely, perhaps some wealthy philanthropic aesthete can pay a bunch of people to go to High Voltage to get tattoos and sacrifice themselves on the altar of High Voltage’s enemy list, by telling Kat how bad her “work” is… After their work is done, of course & on their way out the door!!!

    5. Sandrine on August 5, 2011 10:17 am

      Oh, PS – I egregiously failed to mention how her tattooing is really some of the best I have ever seen. Huge talent there.

    6. Dissertation on December 23, 2011 4:04 am

      very nice theme and site buddy i must bookmark your site :) thanks

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