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  • Former reality television star Kate Gosselin is looking better than ever these days. Without a harried husband or a skunky haircut, she hardly resembles the stressed single mom viewers watched on television for years. So what is Kate’s secret to looking so darn good? She stopped by Bethenny Frankel’s talk show to assure fans that it isn’t plastic surgery.

    Kate Gosselin made millions from her family reality shows and her own spinoff, Kate Plus 8. Since then she has apparently managed to whittle away the family fortune, although the matriarch doesn’t say how. Back in the early days of her reality television venture, Kate underwent a tummy tuck on camera, but she maintains that the procedure is the extent of her plastic surgery.

    Still, not many people believe that Kate has managed to change her appearance so drastically from frumpy hausfrau to blond bombshell without surgical intervention.

    Kate is open about undergoing a tummy tuck but has adamantly denied rumors of a facelift or necklift, which many believe she must have had to help define her jaw and get rid of loose skin after her drastic weight loss a few years back. Although Kate has very arched brows and a smooth forehead, which are typically enhanced by the wrinkle-eliminating powers of Botox, Kate has never said that she uses Botox.

    During the course of the interview, Kate managed to skirt many issues, admitting that she needs money to help support her kids but not really saying how she spent the family fortune. But apparently it wasn’t on plastic surgery.

    After pregnancy, many women are left with saggy breasts and loose skin that don’t go away, even after losing the baby weight. To get rid of loose skin, surgical removal is the only option so many women opt for a tummy tuck to restore the appearance of a flat tummy. A tummy tuck is often accompanied by a breast lift to get rid of sagging breasts, and depending on the woman’s preference, breast implants may also be a part of the overall procedure.

    Because a tummy tuck and mommy makeover are invasive procedures, plastic surgery recovery products can help speed up the healing process. Vitamins for both before and after the procedure help the body heal itself while scar reduction products can improve the appearance of scars.

    Kate has stated numerous times how much she loves her tummy tuck and has even gone so far as to recommend the procedure to other new moms. However she has never stated how she manages to continually transform her look into something a little more Hollywood than many moms seem to manage.

    Although Kate started a hair trend with her punky, spike ‘do at the height of her popularity, she quickly grew as tired of the look as her critics and soon ended up with pretty blond extensions. Kate’s look has continued to evolve and it may be that Kate is more a fan of hair extensions and makeup than she lets on.