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  • Just before the new season of Kate Plus 8 debuted, Kate Gosselin took to her Twitter account to support plastic surgery and tummy tucks to new mothers after giving birth.

    36-year old Kate Gosselin famously underwent a plastic surgery tummy tuck on her show with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, which showed the procedure and her tummy tuck recovery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgery).

    Kate’ first Tweet on the topic read:

    Get through the first two weeks of pain and yuck and it’ll be the BEST decision you’ve ever made! How’s that?;)

    She continued to Tweet as fans responded:

    And me! And Shannon I didn’t know u have TWO sets of twins! So tummy tuck is your best friend too! :)

    Most I run is 8 miles. Somedays just don’t have the energy to run and it annoys me

    good2hear.It’s a tuf one2get thru but it’s worth it4sure!!I wokeup&thought wut have I done-til I saw results :)

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “A woman’s body goes through drastic changes during pregnancy.  Often the abdomen is left with extra skin and stretch marks.  A tummy tuck can restore the body back to it’s pre-pregnancy, or even better, shape.  I see all the time, and especially with mothers, that plastic surgery not only improves the appearance, but confidence and self esteem as well. Happy patients are usually very open about their surgery and often refer others for surgery as well.”

    While Kate caught some heat from bloggers for promoting tummy tucks, which is an expensive plastic surgery procedure, most tummy tuck patients are very happy with their results, making it a worthwhile expense.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Kate Gosselin on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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