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  • The highly anticipated royal wedding of the millennium has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that talking about it over. Makemeheal.com spotted more than a few guests with some plastic surgery, and of course the new couple themselves.

    Prince William could have had some hair transplants before the big day, as the heir to the throne has long been lacking in the hair department for a while. While his hair is still thin, he may have started hair replacement procedures (See Make Me Heal’s story on Prince William’s hair loss).

    Kate Middleton was rumored to have gotten plastic surgery for her big day as a bride, including a nose job and breast augmentation as well as buttocks augmentation. She may have also gotten a touch of Botox and a chemical peel for some help with that bridal glow (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kate Middleton’s plastic surgery).

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “The newlyweds both looked fabulous at their royal wedding.  Kate has certainly been preparing for this big day to look her best.  It appears that she has had in the past a Rhinoplasty and possible a breast augmentation. I believe both Kate and William’s glows on their faces was more than wedding bliss, but a touch of botox and probably a chemical peel as well.”

    Wedding guest Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was very open about wanting to get a nose job before the big day and apparently underwent a non-invasive nose job as a temporary fix(See Make Me Heal’s story on Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s Nose Job).

    Dr. Salzhauer says, “Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s nose certainly does look better.  She most likely did not have enough time to undergo reconstructive surgery to her nose and heal in time for the royal wedding.  The improved appearance of her nose is most likely a “quick fix” from a non-surgical nose job involving injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm used to soften the contour and smooth out any irregularities she had.  This is a temporary fix and will only last a few months.  A permanent correction through reconstructive surgery would require a few weeks of recovery time for the bruising and swelling to subside.”

    David and Victoria Beckham attended the royal wedding ceremony. As Victoria is currently with child, she hasn’t had any Botox injections recently, but may have instead relied on a very tightly pulled ponytail and large hat to temporarily banish wrinkles (See Make Me Heal’s story on Victoria Beckham’s plastic surgery).  Her husband David, on the other hand may have been injecting for two, as his forehead looked as flawless as his game.

    Dr. Salzhauer says, “It appears that David Beckham probably used Botox on his forehead to give him that smooth look.  Victoria Beckham’s hat may be more than fashionable, but strategically placed as a good cover-up to any forehead wrinkles she may be hiding as she is pregnant and should refrain from using Botox while pregnant.”

    Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton turned heads at the wedding in a white bridesmaid gown that clung to all the right places. To maintain a cool countenance, Pippa may have used Botox to smooth her brow of any concern.

    Dr. Salzhauer says, “Pippa Middleton appears to have used botox to her forehead, but probably nothing else.  She appears very natural looking.”

    Other royals at the wedding included William’s cousins Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. Although the tasteless style divas are too young for Botox, they may have had nose jobs in the past.

    Dr. Salzhauer says, “Royal cousins Princess Beatrice and Eugenie are young and may not have had any cosmetic treatments done in preparation for the royal couple’s wedding; however, their noses appear as if they have been altered in the past.”

    Other royal wedding guests included director and former Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie as well as legendary singer Elton John.

    Guy Ritchie is as rough and tough looking as a character in one of his films, making plastic surgery unlikely.

    As Dr. Salzhauer says, “Guy Ritchie has a naturally rugged look and does not appear to have had any cosmetic work done.”

    Elton John, always one to make a striking appearance has likely had Botox injections to help look as young as his husband, David Furnish (See Make Me Heal’s story on Sir Elton John’s plastic surgery).

    Dr. Salzhauer says, “Elton John has a very smooth look to his forehead, most likely from Botox.”

    Make Me Heal congratulates the newlyweds and wishes them a bright and happy future.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of the Royal Wedding on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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