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  • Kate Moss may still be setting fashion trends, but her nose job hasn’t earned her the approval of plastic surgeons. Make Me Heal explores the skinny supermodel’s plastic surgery past.

    35-year old Kate has a very different nose from the one she had in her youth. Although she used to have a very wide and round nose, her new nose is narrower and has a more pronounced tip. Although Kate’s nose has appeared on countless magazine covers, it seems that her rhinoplasty was not a very good one, as it has left her with an indentation on the side.

    Kate Moss, Nose Job

    (Left: Before, Right: After)

    Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., said, “Kate has a poor nose job. She does have a tip indentation from an over-aggressive rhinoplasty. She needs the indentation repaired.”

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer L. Walden agrees that Kate has clearly had a rhinoplasty, saying, “It seems as though Kate Moss’s nose has changed throughout the years as her nose does not appear as wide or flattened as it used to be when she was a child. This is likely due to a rhinoplasty.  It serves to mention that on more recent photos she demonstrates that she has external valve (or simply put, nostril) collapse with inspiration.”

    Dr. Walden also notes that although Kate’s nasal indentation may not be a result of the nose job, but could also be the result of drug use and Kate is a notorious former drug user. Dr Walden says, “This unfortunate look can be due to an overzealous nasal surgery but also can be seen with long-term use of recreational drugs that are inhaled through the nose.”

    In the past, Kate has spoken out against breast augmentations, but she hasn’t said anything about her feelings on nose jobs (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kate Moss’ plastic surgery).

    Make Me Heal hopes that Kate takes the doctors advice and gets her nose revised, whether or not the collapse was due to drug use or a bad nose job.

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