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  • Katie Holmes, Rhinoplasty, Nose JObKatie Holmes, Rhinoplasty

    Katie Holmes, Pre Nose JobKatie Holmes, Dawson's Creek

    Make Me Heal Exclusive: You heard it here first

    It appears that Katie Holmes got herself more than a new husband, new religion, and new wardrobe in the last few months, adding a new nose to her growing list of changes in her life. Photos of Tom Cruise’s wife show a dramatic transformation in her nose from her days at Dawson’s Creek to recent photos of Holmes with Victoria Beckham at the Paris Fashion shows.

    at the Paris Fashion shows. Holmes, who previously sported a shorter pug nose with a rounded nose ridge and tip, now has a more elongated nose with a narrower, straighter bridge and thinned out tip. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn confirmed the rumor, saying “She appears to have had a rhinoplasty which has thinned the tip of her nose and the dorsum.”

    Since meeting Cruise, 28-year old Holmes has transformed into a striking, sophisticated Hollywood leading lady, a far cry from her wholesome, girl-next-door look of Dawson’s Creek. Holmes has blossomed into a pretty woman and her new nasal addition makes her look more mature. Dr. Youn adds “Her nose looks more sleek now, and this makes her look more mature, more adult. I do think her old nose fits with her face well, making her look like a “Midwest girl-next-door” type. The newer nose makes her look more “Hollywood.”

    Katie Holmes’ new look has caused gossip folk to buzz about other possible procedures in the mix, including cheek implants and a brow lift. These budding rumors cannot be confirmed at this time.

    Whether Cruise and Scientology will be a blessing to Katie’s life remains to be seen, but we sure dig her new look and her spicy performance in “Thank You For Not Smoking”. It’s too bad that Cruise’s ill-fated Scientology film will likely wreck their picture-perfect world.

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