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  • Actress Katie Holmes has been photographed looking thinner and thinner lately as the paparazzi chase her around the world. Make Me Heal noticed the change in Katie’s appearance and thinks some plastic surgery would help give her some curves.

    Katie Holmes, Plastic Surgery

    Many thin starlets often get breast augmentation surgery to help them appear fuller and healthier and overall curvier. A breast augmentation would likely help the 30-year old mother look a little more balanced and less frail. It would also help her better fill out the designer fashions she has been criticized for wearing lately.

    Make Me Heal consulted plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden who explained Katie’s weight loss and her recent bony appearance, “Katie Holmes is no doubt a classic beauty who has an elegant yet youthful look. In recent photos she looks skinnier, likely from such a hectic life and sustaining her Broadway play “All My Sons”. She has small breasts and a bony sternum that protrudes a bit. This is usually called a pectus carinatum (outward protrusion) or pectus excavatum (inward recession) of the breastbone when it is significant clinically, but on Katie it may just be due to weight loss highlighting her now prominent breastbone, and the angle at which the photos were taken in Rio.”

    Dr. Walden went on to say how breast implants could benefit Katie’s appearance, “In any case, silicone breast implants used for breast augmentation can oftentimes markedly camouflage and improve the appearance of the breasts and chest in women who have similar anatomical attributes (this is not an uncommon finding at all in women seeking breast enhancement).”

    If Katie did decide to undergo breast augmentation, it would not be her first visit to the plastic surgeon. In the past, Katie has had a nose job to help her nose appear thinner and more refined. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Katie Holme’s rhinoplasty). And her husband, 46-year old Tom Cruise, could certainly not raise any objections, without being hypocritical, as he has spent time under the knife as well (See Make Me Heal’s story on Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery).

    Make Me Heal hopes that Katie Holmes doesn’t become a victim to being unhealthily thin, like many of Hollywood’s young actresses and hopes to see her looking more enhanced in the future.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Katie Holmes on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic Source:Daily Mail

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