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  • For a while, British Glamour Model Katie Price and her ex-husband, singer Peter Andre, were seemingly inseparable, doing everything from clubbing to getting beauty treatments. Now that the romance is over, the couple has gone their separate ways. Katie is currently single but Peter recently announced his engagement to his new baby mama. Shortly after his announcement, Katie made one of her own, she was braving a blizzard to get Botox treatments. Always an avid proponent of Botox, it seems that while husbands may come and go, plastic surgery remains a constant.

    Katie Price was spotted out and about in London, pushing baby son Jett Riviera in a carriage just hours after news of ex-husband Peter Andre’s engagement to Emily MacDonagh broke. Katie was bundled against the dreary looking weather as she was ostensibly on her way to Freedomhealthskin clinic in London for Botox injections.

    Earlier in the day, she had alerted fans to her plans, cheerfully tweeting “About to have botox with @LeeSkinGuru woooooo.”

    In the past, Katie has been very open about her love of Botox and other cosmetic surgery procedures and getting Botox may her way of perking up after hearing the news about her former husband.

    In the past, Katie has been pretty open about her numerous plastic surgery procedures, including quite a few breast augmentations, several breast reductions as well as a nose job or two and vaginoplasty and Botox injections as well as collagen injections and lip enhancements. In fact, Katie was at one time so open about her plastic surgery treatments that she would even tell the press about what nip or tuck she was planning next. So it was surprising when Katie eventually started to refuse discussing her plastic surgery procedures of past and present. Her reticence may have been due to overdoing the lip augmentation and admitting to resembling waterfowl more than she would have preferred. Maybe her Tweet about heading off for a Botox appointment is an indication that Katie is returning to her former ways of being open about plastic surgery.

    In between appearances on the popular reality series I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Katie described the extreme lengths she goes to keep up her appearance. According to the British tabloid The Daily Mail, Katie has spent around $80,000 on cosmetic surgery, including four boob jobs, fillers, collagen and nose job, with another $40,000 on dental work. In the past, she also said that she would routinely fly from her home in London to Los Angeles in order to get Botox injections and hair extensions.

    On an appearance on late night show Chelsea Lately, Katie says, “I always fly over here to get my Botox done, I’m mad, I love it. Come to LA and everyone has had it done. I always get my hair extensions done here as well. I fly over every three months to get my hair done and Botox. I’m mad aren’t I? Not that I’m high-maintenance or anything.”

    Now it seems that Katie has found a plastic surgeon a little closer to home.