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  • Katie Price is getting ready to have her seventh breast augmentation. Always charitably minded, the glamour model turned author has said that she plans to auction off her implants to raise money for a breast cancer charity.

    In an interview with The Sun, Katie said, “We should sell these implants for charity. I’ve got more pairs in the safe.”

    “You could have these very breasts right from inside me in a few weeks.”


    36-year old Katie started her career with a size 32B and has since had numerous procedures. She is planning her next plastic surgery procedure as an “early Christmas present” for both her and her current husband, Kieran Hayler, after giving birth to Jett, one, and Bunny, two months.


    Katie likened undergoing yet another breast augmentation to maintenance after having her fifth child, explaining:


    “I know I look ridiculous but that’s what people want to see. I’d just had them done before I met Kieran so I’m having a service.”


    “I am having another boob job, it’s my Christmas present to myself,” she told Closer magazine. “It’s weird but I only had my boobs done three months before I met Kieran and they were the best boobs that I ever had done.”


    It seems that Katie will be done having kids, at least while her body heals from her upcoming procedure.


    “Then I was pregnant for two years and they need redoing again. There will be no babies for a while.”


    Although Katie acknowledges her appearance is unnatural, she continues to go under the knife, but has said in the past that her body is scarred from spending so much time under the knife.


    In a talk with Fubar radio with TV presenter and comedian Mark Dolan, Katie admitted that plastic surgery takes a toll.


    Katie joked, “Basically, if you want to look like a patchwork quilt, it’s out there.”


    She added, “Cause I’ve got the scars. The caesarean scars… and obviously because I’ve gone up and down with my boobs I’ve got the keyhole scar.”


    “Luckily it doesn’t bother me because I heal really well but people have got to remember that if you’re going to have a procedure, sometime it can go wrong and it will leave you with scars.”


    Breast augmentations aren’t the only plastic surgery procedures that Katie has dabbled in over the years.


    According to past reports in the British tabloid The Daily Mail, Katie has spent around $80,000 on cosmetic surgery, which then included only four boob jobs, fillers, collagen and nose job, with another $40,000 on dental work. In the past, she also said that she would routinely fly from her home in London to Los Angeles in order to get Botox injections and hair extensions. In addition to augmentation, Katie has also downsized her implants a few times as well as had a nose job or two and vaginoplasty and Botox injections as well as collagen injections and lip enhancements.


    And while Botox was once a priority for Katie, even tweeting before getting injected, she says that it is no longer the case, “I haven’t had Botox in so long, but my boobs need redoing. I’ve had Botox before and my face hasn’t moved. I’m not saying I’ll never have Botox again but it’s not on my to-do list at the moment.”