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  • Kelly Pickler, Breast Implants, AugmentationKellie Pickler is not admitting to having breast implants, but she is certainly not denying it either. After being booted off the show “American Idol”, the former contestant returned to the stage in March with a shorter blond hairdo and a low-cut blue dress that revealed an obviously more buxom bosom that is unlikely to be the result of natural weight gain. Her “breastformation” is the obvious result of good old-fashioned breast implants. Since her appearance, Pickler has denied having a breast augmentation. But it seems Kellie may be having a change of heart now, as she semi-admits to having breast implants in a televised interview that is to air tonight on KCNC TV in North Carolina.

    “You’re the one that has to look at yourself every day and it’s important that you’re happy with what you see,” Pickler said in the interview. “You can’t worry about what everyone else thinks because you cannot please everyone.”

    Pickler’s drastic change in appearance on American Idol in March shocked viewers and the entire American Idol staff from Ryan Seacrest to Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Right before performing her song “I Wonder” on the show, host Seacrest tried to get Pickler to admit that she had a breast augmentation by asking her if she bought anything since leaving the show.

    “Have you spent your money on anything since you left us?” asked Seacrest. Kellie Pickler answered that she only bought shoes. A disbelieving Seacrest asked again “Just Shoes?”, to which Kellie again said only shoes.

    Since her appearance, Pickler has been the subject of persistent accusations about having breast augmentation.

    Judge Simon Cowell appeared on Extra saying “It’s like she’d gone to Dolly Parton school or something. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

    Kellie Pickler has tried to handle the repeated breast implant rumors in stride. “I don’t take any of that personal when people criticize me about the way I look,” Pickler said. “You know what? If you don’t have anything better to talk about than my rack…can I say rack?…It doesn’t bother me a bit. As long as I’m happy with Kellie than that’s most important.”

    Subsequently, when Pickler appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Seacrest drove the point home yet again and asked, “Did you have an augmentation? Kellie answered in ditzy fashion with, “I don’t know” and explained “You know me, Ryan, I like to be the center of attention, and right now me and the girls, we are pretty much getting a lot of attention. I like to keep it a mystery. Let the mystery live on because as soon as I say yes or no then no one is going to care anymore.” She may be right that no one might care about her boob job when her fame minutes are up as only talent will keep her with a singing job.

    Kellie might have managed to keep some people guessing about whether or not she had a breast augmentation. But now it seems the singer is feeling the pressure of trying to balance a lie while flaunting her newly artificial rack and is rethinking whether it’s wise to keep up the charade of her having natural breasts. From our experience, honesty is emerging as the best tool to keep your fans for celebrities having plastic surgery.

    Getting back to Kellie’s new appearance, a poll of fans on the internet appears decidedly in favor of the old sweetheart Kellie version with the long hair and not-in-your-face boobs. It’s quite possible that Kellie’s breasts have yet to settle down as breast implants can often give a shelf-like appearance right after the surgery.

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