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  • Plastic surgery is a common occurrence in the Osbourne family. So when young Kelly Osbourne reportedly dropped weight for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Make Me Heal immediately suspected liposuction.

    Kelly Osbourne, Plastic Surgery

    24-year old Kelly Osbourne has always been a big girl, but for her time on the hit television show, Dancing with the Stars, Kelly managed to drop an astonishing 14 pounds in 3 weeks.

    Kelly says, ““By the end of it I’ll be a lean, mean machine. It’s so amazing, I’ve tried so many stupid fad diets to try to lose weight, when all I needed to do was start dancing.”

    While Kelly has attributed her weight loss to 5-hour long dance rehearsals and Pilates, it seems likely that her weight loss could also have been aided by a liposuction procedure, especially given her mother, Sharon Osbourne’s, penchant for plastic surgery. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Sharon Osbourne’s plastic surgery).

    Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says, “Kelly Osbourne looks like she has shaped up for Dancing with the Stars. Comparing her then and now pictures, she has made considerable improvements. There is no sign that she has had plastic surgery, but I would not be surprised if the dramatic improvement in her abdomen and flanks was aided by liposuction.”

    On the other hand, diet and exercise are the best ways to safely lose weight and given Kelly’s age it is quite likely she dropped the pounds all on her own, without the aid of plastic surgery.

    Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “Kelly Osbourne looks amazing. Dancing obviously agrees with the young star. Although her mother is no stranger to plastic surgery, I don’t think she has had any plastic surgery to lose weight for ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars. I think this is just a perfect example of what a great diet and exercise regimen can do for your body. Whether or not she has or hasn’t had anything done she looks healthier and I hope she keeps it up.”

    Make Me Heal thinks that if Kelly Osbourne’s weight is natural, viewers will see some more changes in her physique.

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