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  • Kelly Ripa looks to have it all: a great job, handsome husband and a bunch of kids. So with everything going on in her life, plus the early mornings that are a requirement of her job it seems like something of a miracle that Kelly manages to appear open eyed and fresh faced on a regular basis. It turns out that Botox is responsible for Kelly’s look.

    43-year old Kelly Ripa let viewers on her secret when she made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

    “Botox. And that’s pretty much it. People are very ritualistic about their beauty routine. I am not. I’m not advocating one way or the other but I’m just saying Botox has changed my life. It’s cut my getting ready time in half…suddenly my eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes. I think the key with anything is knowing what you look like and being a minimalist.”


    Kelly’s beauty routine is lengthy because of the time it takes to get her camera ready and she likes the Botox helps to shorten the process as her eyes already look more open and alert than needing heavy makeup contouring.


    And while Kelly is clearly big on Botox, it sounds like she doesn’t like the results of fillers nearly as much. She told the host, “Your cheeks are not supposed to block out your eyes when you smile!”


    It’s not the first time that Kelly had admitted to using Botox. In a candid interview with In Touch magazine, Kelly admitted that Botox injections are part of her beauty regimen.


    “I work out every day. I don’t overeat. I try to drink water, but I prefer wine, and when all else fails, I get Botox injected right here, right into my forehead as much as possible!”


    Kelly also admits that she knows she needs a touch-up when her kids can see she’s mad at them.


    “It’s when my kids start asking me if I’m mad at them, and I say, “Why do you think I’m mad at you?” They say it’s because I’m frowning. I go, “Oh no! I am? I’ll be right back!”


    While Kelly may consider her usage minimal, it actually looks pretty obvious to many viewers. Not only is Kelly’s forehead and brow region very smooth, it also has a sheen that is usually associated with Botox rather than the oily skin of youth.


    And although Kelly is open to using Botox and clearly loves the results, she draws the line when it comes to invasive plastic surgery. After having three kids and breast feeding, many women opt for a breast lift and augmentation in order to restore lost volume and improve the appearance of their breasts, but apparently Kelly isn’t into it.


    “I like to say I’m a 32A long,” Kelly, who swears by Victoria’s Secret bras, tells Life & Style. “I’ve added the long because I’ve nursed three kids.”


    In the same interview with Life & Style, Kelly said she would never have a breast augmentation, “I would never have a boob job. I am too wimpy. Are you kidding? I am such a wimp!”