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  • For years, country singer Kenny Chesney has been the subject of pec implant rumors, because his chest region just seems to get bigger and better with age.

    44-year old Kenny Chesney is frequently rumored to have had plastic surgery. The “Summertime” and “Come Over” singer has smooth skin, which could be the result of a facelift, although given his relatively young age for such procedures it seems unlikely as facelift recovery is usually accompanied by scars and bruising at a later age when the skin has lost a lot of elasticity.

    Kenny’s weight fluctuates, and so does his chest size accordingly. Most likely, Kenny’s chest is at it’s fullest when his weight is up and he hasn’t exercised. However, his chest looks best at a lower weight when he is being more active. Fans may report chest implants when they spot Kenny in concert because his time on the road allows him less time to pay attention to his health.

    Although Kenny may have had a minor nose surgery and possible fillers, it seems unlikely that he has had a full facelift or chest implants. Alcohol also plays a role in helping people look good or bad and depending on whether or not Kenny is on or off the wagon, that could also contribute to his appearance and rumors of plastic surgery.

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