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  • It’s been decades since Kenny Loggins wrote some of his biggest hits for now classic films like Footloose and Top Gun. But on a recent guest star appearance on Raising Hope, Kenny was hardly recognizable and it wasn’t just because he ditched the bushy beard. It looks like Kenny has taken some time off from music for plastic surgery.

    66-year old Kenny Loggins recently returned to the small screen to perform Danny’s Song on the series finale of Raising Hope, one of Fox’s famously underappreciated shows. Although his voice sounded as good as ever, fans couldn’t help but notice that Kenny is looking different these days, and it’s not just because he’s trimmed his hair and beard back since his 80s heyday.

    Overall, Kenny has taken on a somewhat tight and pulled appearance, which is probably the result of a facelift. Kenny may have had a facelift in the last 10 years, before his skin had a lot of laxity or the surgeon could have been a little overzealous so his face looks very tight and pulled.


    Kenny’s eyes also look a little different, so he may have had a blepharoplasty to take care of sagging lids, or he may get Botox injections to lift his brow a little and show off his eyes.


    Still trim and in shape, Kenny’s cheekbones seemed very full for a slim man, which could be an indication that he is using fillers in his cheeks and possible his nasolabial folds as well, although his facial hair mainly covers that area, so it is hard to tell for sure.


    Most likely Kenny also gets Botox injections in his forehead and between his brows in the area known as the 11s. While photos from only a few years ago show that Kenny was exhibiting normal signs of aging with a few wrinkles in his forehead, the wrinkles have since disappeared, which is a likely indication that Botox has been used.


    Making Kenny’s plastic surgery procedures all the more obvious is that his neck still looks to be exhibiting signs of aging. If Kenny wanted to make his procedures less obvious, then he may want to consider a necklift to get rid of some of the wrinkles. He could also try easing up on the Botox injections so that his face does have some expression and signs of aging that help match his neck.


    Kenny isn’t the only musical star that has turned to plastic surgery over the years. And while his cosmetic surgery may be obvious, other stars have suffered far worse in their attempts to turn back the hands of time.


    Kenny Rogers gambled with plastic surgery and lost. After marrying a much younger woman and having young kids, Kenny felt old and underwent eyelid surgery, a browlift and a facelift which resulted in a very obvious and somewhat feminine appearance. Since then, Kenny has sworn off plastic surgery, which is probably for the best.